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Now life insurers can reduce life insurance claims processing time by importing data from claims forms directly into core applications.

The Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Claims Processing (Life Insurance) stores information in one central location and automates tasks such as verifying coverage and tracking information that is missing or required.

Our life insurance claims processing solution integrates with claims handling systems, as well as homegrown mainframe applications, so life insurance claims examiners can access the documents and data they need from a single interface.

Workflow Automation for Claims Processing can help life insurers’ claims departments:

  • Accelerate claims processing.
  • Decrease processing time through automation of repetitive manual tasks.
  • Intake data from any source or format.
  • Improve cycle times and reduce Loss Adjusted Expense (LAE) with correct routing.
  • Integrate with existing customer information and key policy administration systems.
  • Reduce claims leakage.
  • Maintain audit trails to support your compliance efforts.

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