Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Registrar Processing

Students expect fast responses to campus requests such as dropping or adding a class, changing majors, updating information, or petitioning for academic reinstatement or to graduate. Now you can keep forms moving as fast as students.

The Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Registrar Processing helps you better serve students while relieving some of the burden from registrar processing staff. The system helps support your compliance efforts, providing secure, policy-based management of student records.

Workflow Automation for Registrar Processing can help you:

  • Automatically scrub and transfer matriculated student files from admissions to registrar to departments and advisors.
  • Electronically process, route and approve student forms submitted online or via other self-service avenues.
  • Grant each department access to only their students’ documents for advising purposes.
  • Automate retention and purging of all student records.
  • Respond to student inquiries on a first-call basis by making documents, files and/or missing document status available from the user’s desktop.

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