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Workflow Automation Solutions for Higher Education

It may come as no surprise that eliminating paper and streamlining document-intensive processes improves administrative cycle times. What is surprising is how easily you can create a transformational experience, with our help.

Xerox Workflow Solutions for Higher Education can help you accelerate the decision-making process while improving communication between students and staff. Because our solutions integrate with your student information system, the documents and data stored are synchronized with your system of record. 

Solutions for Higher Education

Our Workflow Automation Solutions for Higher Education combine content management, records management and business process automation. We help you manage all your content, from scanned paper documents, faxes, print streams, application files and electronic forms to web content, multimedia files and emails. Ultimately, we speed and simplify processes that help increase student and staff satisfaction.

Admissions Processing
The faster a best-fit applicant receives an acceptance letter, the sooner your school becomes a real option. Get there quickly by automating the capture, indexing and routing of documents.

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Transcript Capture and Evaluation

Reduce bottlenecks with a solution that speeds transcript processing and shares information with your ERP or Degree Audit System.

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Financial Aid Processing

Automated tools help you efficiently process high volumes of applications—even during peak periods—so you can award financial aid sooner than with paper-based processes.

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Student Billing

Speed payment collection and processing of student expenses, through centralized capture, tagging, storage and routing of documents from a variety of sources. This solution integrates with key accounting systems, providing full visibility into all information related to expenses and payments.

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Authorized users can gain instant access to a holistic digital student record in athletics. Documents such as a physician’s report with conditioning restrictions, a scouting report for a possible recruit, or a health screening form, are securely stored in a central repository.

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Registrar Processing

Whether a student wants to drop or add a class, change majors, update information or petition for academic reinstatement or to graduate, our solution automates and expedites the approval and routing process.

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Student Advising

Automatically route student files (or notifications about file availability) to the appropriate advisor in advance of the initial advising session, and share all student contact information with your SIS/ERP systems.

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Xerox Digital Alternatives helps schools and universities increase transparencies, reduce costs, and deliver better student services by simplifying and streamlining the everyday, paper-intensive processes that consume so much of everyone’s time.

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