Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Accounts Receivable

You may never have considered data capture and content management software to be the cures for what ails your accounting department. But the Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Accounts Receivable (AR) can help you process and review critical documentation faster. The results? Less time and expense associated with processing, posting delays, data errors and customer dispute resolution.

Our Workflow Automation Solution for AR gives you more cash flow visibility because it digitizes manual processes such as handling customers’ paper checks and remittance documents. This automation also helps reduce your days sales outstanding (DSO), while giving management better insight into staff workloads, open invoice distribution and payment processing.

See how our AR automation software can help you:

  • Centralize all information and relevant documents for easy access and audit trails.
  • Utilize multichannel and intelligent capture (i.e. OCR) of your key client documents, especially checks.
  • Reduce operating costs and data entry errors by capturing customer order forms and purchase orders electronically.
  • Validate electronically captured data quickly with your existing enterprise and accounting systems to balance remittance totals.
  • Create image cash letters (ICLs) for quick deposits through Check21.
  • Manage disputes and collections more efficiently with instant access to information in a central location.
  • Provide for security in access controls.

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