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Public Transportation Management

From fare collection to intelligent transportation systems (ITS), we meet public transit daily operational challenges with innovative and efficient solutions. We help you reduce operational costs and improve services—whether through flexible payment methods or reliable schedules. We help make transit simple for passengers worldwide.

As an integrator, we bring computer-aided dispatch/automatic vehicle location (CAD/AVL) systems, ITS technologies and fare collection solutions for all modes of public transportation services.

Fare Collection

Our Fare Collection Solutions are designed for efficiency and reliability. By offering the public flexible payment methods, we make fare collection simple so you can focus resources toward providing top-quality transportation service. Advanced technologies like smart card applications, ticket vending machines and bank card solutions aid public transit operators by reducing operating cost and improving services to their riders.

  • Are your ticketing systems antiquated and difficult to use?
  • Do you want more convenient payment methods for your riders?
  • If you knew more about your riders, could you make better operational decisions?

Over multiple decades, we have designed a range of fare management solutions. This experience is now built into Atlas®, our latest fare collection solution. The Atlas® solution includes:

  • Ticket vending machines and validators
  • Inspector terminals
  • Access control gates
  • Powerful management system

With Atlas®, any form of payment can be accommodated whether paying with traditional paper tickets, magnetic cards, contactless tickets, contactless smart and bankcards, as well as mobile phone ticketing and open payment systems.

Our innovative systems are scalable and flexible to grow with the latest technology and meet your individual needs. Bringing new capabilities to our clients ensures people using public transit have an efficient, enjoyable transit experience.

Open Payment Systems

We understand the demand for fast, convenient and safe payment alternatives for public transit. We’re helping create the future today with open payment technology. New use of proven technology provides customers the convenience of quickly paying with bank cards and eliminating the need to wait in line at ticket machines and counters. What’s more, it presents improved flexibility and significant cost savings by enabling agencies to improve fare policy flexibility all while making public transit more convenient for riders.

Real-time Fleet Management / CAD/AVL

For many cities, making public transit safe, more attractive, faster and more efficient are daily operational challenges. We play a key role in managing these challenges by providing real-time fleet management systems. These systems provide a wealth of dynamic information transit agencies need to ensure passengers experience fast, safe and reliable public transit.

  • Do you know the exact location of every vehicle in your fleet?
  • Do you know if a bus is behind schedule or in trouble?
  • Are you able to communicate to your riders accurate, real-time schedule status?

Our integrated fleet management solutions support fixed route transit, bus rapid transit (BRT), paratransit vehicles, along with supervisor and maintenance vehicles. Dispatchers can constantly monitor vehicle location, collect information on health of the vehicle equipment and keep continuous communication with the entire fleet.

Our integrated solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and GPS-based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
  • Private radio and cellular communications integration
  • Automatic Passenger counting
  • Real-time & Web-based passenger information
  • Next stop automated vehicle annunciation
  • Traffic Signal Priority integration
  • Yard management

With our fleet management solutions, managers can take the pulse of their organization at any given point in time. This transparency allows for better resource and data management and the ability to quickly respond to emergencies aboard the bus with our discrete emergency alarm. And passengers reap the benefits—up-to-the-minute arrival information they can access at stops, while on a bus, train, at home or at work. The result: enhanced service for your riders, and improved efficiency for your organization.

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Thought Leaders

Michael Nash, Senior Vice President
Area of Focus: Public Transportation (Fare Systems)

Mike leads global new business development initiatives for our public transit sector. With significant knowledge of the transportation and financial services industries, Mike Nash brings a unique combination of payment network and transit fare collection experience which he used to develop a viable open payment fare system approach. Prior to Xerox, Mike worked at ERG Transit Systems, where he held executive level positions responsible for all operations and maintenance activities across the organization including operations for some of the world's most well know fare systems such as Hong Kong, Singapore, San Francisco and Washington D.C. Mike's tenure in electronic payments include global leadership roles at American Express, and while at Visa, he initiated payment programs which were precursors to today's prepaid market.

You can arrange an interview or speaker presentation with our transportation thought leaders. To discuss opportunities, contact Carl Langsenkamp, Xerox Public Relations, at 1-585-423-5782 or

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