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Making the future classroom work, today.

Short on time but long to do list? It’s OK—we got this.

The education sector faces wave upon wave of disruption. Not the kind that comes from rowdy students – the kind that comes from a combination of internal and external changes.

One example is the COVID-19 pandemic, which cost students over a third of their learning time, according to Oxford University. Another is the increased threat from cyberattacks as schools become increasingly digital. 

Now, educators must come to grips with digital tools so they can improve their ways of working, and meet the needs of students today and in the future. 

But that’s easier said than done.  

The reality is that most institutions find themselves short on funds and long on ageing technology. Internal IT support is stretched thin, while challenges keep coming: cybersecurity threats, regulatory shifts, and the needs of remote students. 

We can help. 

We can give you everything you need to harness the limitless possibilities of technology and unlock every student’s potential. From pre-schoolers to graduates and everyone in between. 

Hands on laptop with apps

Digital technology has revolutionized and transformed so many aspects of our work and our homes. Things have changed a lot since the COVID-19 pandemic, pushing the idea of the digital classroom into the spotlight.

In this report from THE Journal, you can read the latest views on how digital tech can support the move to hybrid learning, while giving teaching and support staff the tools for productivity gains. From automating everyday tasks to staying on top of your data security needs, and everything in between.

How does that work in the real world?

children in class at school

One simple solution helped thousands of students

Find out how we helped teachers and staff devote more time and resources to students, improve communication with parents in their preferred language, and ultimately enhance the learning experience for all.

Students raising their hands in class

Going green and saving money at the same time

Find out how Xerox® DocuShare® helped NCSDB digitize 800,000 documents, provide easy access to those documents for 30,000 students, parents and teachers, and generate big savings on printing and postage.

Young girl writing in a workbook with a pencil

Teamwork helps boost remote learning

With 60 schools and more than 42,000 students, when the pandemic hit the traditional school year was severely disrupted. See how Lincoln Public Schools used Xerox® DocuShare® to pivot some of its key systems and support remote learning.

Teacher standing in classroom

Helping schools deliver better learning experiences for all

When a large K-12 school district in Virginia, U.S., needed support, we were there to help. Discover how we helped roll out thousands of laptops—all configured to meet each individual school’s needs.

Students sitting at table looking at laptops

Opportunities for Success with Gibraltar School District

Discover how Xerox technology helped the Gibraltar School district increase productivity and reliability while providing the best educational experience and equipping students with opportunities for success.

Don’t just take our word for it

Xerox products and services have received some of the sector’s top honors.

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BLI 2021-2022 PaceSetter in Education

Xerox excels in providing educational customers with innovative apps and software solutions. We are a leader in AR/VR technology, offering substantial opportunities for remote support and training in the education sector. And, through our expanding IT services division, we are an authorized reseller and service partner for top brands of laptop PCs and other devices. 

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Xerox named as a Leader in the Quocirca Global Print Security Landscape 2023

Our secure services, solutions and products help education leaders like you get the most from digital technology and equipment safely and securely. We make it easy for everyone to stay secure and compliant at all times—eliminating unnecessary complications and helping everyone adopt good workplace habits. That’s one of the main reasons that we’ve been named a Leader by the renowned analyst firm Quocirca, in its Global Print Security Landscape 2023 report. 

Quocirca Print Security 2023 Social

Leader in Quocirca's Cloud Print Services 2023 Landscape Report

In this latest vendor analysis of the global cloud print services market, Xerox is positioned ahead of all competitors in both strategic vision and depth of service with its cloud service offerings. Our overall AI powered Digital Services, combined with managed print services (MPS), boost workforce productivity AND strengthen resilience of your processes. 

So what? Let’s look at the capabilities that can help you.



Managed Print Services 

Find out how the comprehensive security built into Xerox® Managed Print Services and ConnectKey® Technology-enabled devices can help your education institution prevent, detect and protect your physical and digital endpoints from cyberthreats and information leaks.

Print Management 

Our comprehensive print management solution, Workplace Solutions, helps connect your team’s technology seamlessly—while providing security, access control for students, and print and copy allocations. All with the usage tracking that schools need. 


Securely digitize, collaborate, store, and manage critical information, protecting sensitive data: such as student records and assessment papers, minimizing your risk with user-based access, and auditable tracking with Xerox® DocuShare®.

IT Services 

With Xerox® Managed IT Security Services your compliance concerns are addressed with local professional expertise, and next-level security management protects against even the most sophisticated cyber threats whether accessed from teachers, support staff or students.  

Workflow Central 

Xerox® Workflow Central Platformbrings valuable capabilities for the education sector including easy translation that helps students and parents understand critical information and redaction to better manage confidential information.



ConnectKey® Apps

See our collection of easily downloadable apps that expand and customize the capabilities of your Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology–equipped MFP or printer to simplify or automate tasks. Connect for Blackboard, Connect for Moodle are two Apps that provide connections to popular student apps and Remark Test Grading creates and easily scores tests. 

Managed Print Services 

Xerox® Managed Print Services uses comprehensive security, analytics, digitization, and cloud technologies to deliver a more seamless education experience across paper and digital platforms improving productivity, employee experience and helps you better serve students. 

Workflow Central 

Xerox® Workflow Central Platform brings the power to overcome everyday document challenges to all of your devices — from any PC, mobile device and Xerox® Multifunction Printers. It takes the hassle out of converting files into usable, actionable formats. Converting text to audio, easy translation, fast redaction of sensitive content and conversion of pdfs to MS formats are all easy to use to give your school a productivity boost. 


Regardless of format or the amount of information required from it, every organization needs a content management platform that automates how you organize, share, collaborate and back up student-critical content. Xerox® DocuShare® content management platform has multiple implementation options; from cloud based pay as you go to enterprise level integrations. 

IT Services 

Respond to the challenge of keeping your technology up and running in the hands of demanding users from kindergarten to high school with reduced strain on your IT department through Xerox Local IT Services. You can also reduce internal IT time pressures when upgrading hardware with the Xerox White Glove Service. 



Workflow Central 

For education staff and students alike Xerox® Workflow Central Platform brings unstoppable productivity wherever work happens. Working from any PC, mobile device and Xerox® Multifunction Printers, it takes the hassle out of converting files into usable, actionable formats with seamless, secure, 24/7 access. 

Managed Print Services 

You can create a better education environment for an evolving and mobile team. Xerox® Managed Print Services can automate processes to improve productivity for both your employee and student experience.  

Print Management 

No matter where your team is working, they need an easy way to connect and access your printer and services. Our print management solution, Workplace Solutions, connects everyone effortlessly, all the while giving you control of user access, including allowing variable allocations for staff and students with complete visibility of document usage and content. 


In schools just keeping up with requirements for mobility, access to online information and collaboration can be a challenge. Xerox® DocuShare® gives teachers and administrators the ability to give students and parents what they need when they need it. 

ConnectKey® Apps

See our collection of easily downloadable apps that expand and customize the capabilities of your Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology–equipped MFP or printer, each of which can simplify or automate tasks in a way that saves your business time and money. Connect for Blackboard, Connect for Moodle are two Apps that provide connections to popular student apps and Remark Test Grading creates and easily scores tests. 

Xerox® Workplace Kiosk

Convenience takes the lead with Xerox® Workplace Kiosk providing easy-to-use document services for students and staff on the go. Self-service print, copy, scan, and fax capabilities in easily accessible locations and with a simple mechanism for charging students. 

IT Services 

Constant change and the evolving needs of education demand the flexibility of future-forward IT services and support. Xerox® IT Services is a comprehensive, customizable suite of end-to-end IT services and solutions that can help you solve today’s challenges.



Managed Print Services 

Xerox® Managed Print Services helps you work towards achieving your sustainability goals. It starts with device management to assess and optimize your resources, and on to print management and content management to increase productivity and lower costs. Our reforestation program is also a great way to return trees to the forests. 

Print Management 

Our comprehensive print management solution, Workplace Solutions, helps connect your technology seamlessly—while providing the security, access control and visibility of document usage that enables efficient printing and usage control to support your sustainability effort. 


With Xerox® DocuShare®, staff and students can access the documents they need to collaborate and get things done, and with robust tools to automate processes and support digital transformation, you reduce your reliance on paper. 

ConnectKey® Apps

Paper-based processes still exist for many of us. Using your Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology -enabled printer or MFP driven by app technology to simplify, automate or even remove some of these processes helps to reduce reliance on paper as well as lowers costs and improves productivity. Connect for Blackboard, Connect for Moodle are two Apps that provide connections to popular student apps and Remark Test Grading creates and easily scores tests. 

Imagine the daily grind without the grind.

From digitization to data extraction, and everything in between.

Your next steps. 

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