Ignite® Educator Support System

Ignite is a web-based, teacher tool for printing, scanning and scoring a variety of assessments. The software provides frequent and specific feedback on what students are learning. Ignite’s teacher tools also suggest ways to address each student’s needs.

By adding meaning to student-made marks, Ignite propels today’s classrooms into the digital domain, giving teachers rapid and valuable insights to help them customize instruction and focus on student success. The system saves valuable time spent administering and grading assessments, so teachers can be more efficient and spend more time personalizing their instruction for every student.

  • Automates aspects of assessments
  • Enables customized or published curriculum-based assessments
  • Handles constructed responses
  • Fosters personalized instruction
  • Helps maximize budgets and teaching effectiveness
  • Captures important trends; adaptable across districts
  • Naturally transfers to tablet technology

With Ignite, teachers can not only give tests, but also use the information they gather to tailor their instruction along the way. Ignite puts students on the path to continuous improvement and districts on the map as best-practice leaders

Ignite Learning: Xerox® Ignite Educator Support System

Ignite is a web-based teacher tool for printing, scanning and scoring a variety of assessments. Used in select school districts across the country, the momentum for Ignite is growing fast. See how superintendents, administrators, teachers and, most important, students are benefiting from this efficient, effective assessment system.



Transforming schools with technology that adapts to the classroom.

Ignite works in conjunction with Xerox multifunction devices, already in place in many schools and classrooms. It fits naturally into the shift from teaching to learning by facilitating the core process of Teach-Assess-Analyze-Personalize-Learn.

Attributes and functionality include:

  • Cloud-based application with regular back-up
  • Create and publish assessments
  • Select, print, scan and score assessments
  • Validate assessments
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Customer support

Ignite bridges the paper-to-digital divide by capturing a rich variety of student work on paper today (and tablets tomorrow). It provides real-time feedback that helps educators, students and parents understand what to do with the data. And it’s more than a teacher tool, with district-wide benefits tied to student learning outcomes.

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