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Consilience Software: Case Management Solutions for Outbreak Management

From health and benefit programs to emergency preparedness to insurance automation, Consilience software from Xerox helps public and private entities work more efficiently to manage outbreaks, resolve cases more quickly, and distribute services faster by implementing world-class, customizable case management solutions.

Customizable and Flexible

Consilience Software case management systems are configurable, scalable, and secure. This enables our outbreak management solutions to span seamlessly across a broad range of industries, including public health, justice services, and financial services.

Reduced Risk and Reduced Cost

The adaptability of Consilience Software solutions reduces risk and deployment time, while also reducing cost and effort during post-deployment maintenance.

Seamless Integration 

Consilience Software's case management solutions are configured for each customer's unique business processes, and also can be used to transform and integrate previously isolated activities.

Our case management solutions include:


Human/Eligibility Services

Emergency Preparedness


Justice & Judicial

Government Services Solutions

Custom Solutions

Labor And Industry Solutions

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