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Just because you have good deals and low prices doesn’t mean you’ll earn a customer’s loyalty. But when you put your customers’ preferences first, you’ll learn what makes them want to buy from you again.  

Technology that keeps salespeople on the floor

A retail store command center acts as a service and support “express lane.” 

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Brick and Mortar Retailer Solutions

Gain loyal customers and reduce errors through our integrated suite of customer care, communications and transactional services tailored specifically to department stores, merchandise stores, convenience stores and specialty retailers.

Online Stores

One of the biggest challenges of any e-retailer is the look-to-buy-ratio. The current ratio is roughly 1 to 3, which means there are more lookers than buyers. One of the critical reasons why shoppers leave without buying is customer support. Websites often fail to provide the level of support required to make consumers feel confident about a purchase.  


As a restaurateur, you’re in the middle of a highly competitive industry in which every dollar counts. Our restaurant services can transform your non-core tasks into bottom-line gains by helping you perform processes better, faster and more efficiently. Take advantage of our experience, broad resources, and bench strength to holistically assess, and then improve, your restaurant operation.

Supply Chain Optimization

Reduce labor costs, streamline invoice reconciliation and improve fill rates with our software as a service. The Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Supply Chain Optimization removes error-prone and costly manual steps from retail inventory management.

Related Retail Services

Customer Care

A leading pharmacy retailer saw a 9% increase in quality scores in just six months of using our Customer Care solution. Overall customer satisfaction improved, as did service levels. The client continues to see steady increases in agent performance and a low attrition rate. 

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Managed Print Services

Dillard's, a leading U.S. retail chain, used Xerox Managed Print Services to create a thorough plan and blueprint for change. As a result, Dillard’s automated processes in key functional departments, saved money by moving from centralized print to print-on-demand, improved production lead times, and boosted merchandising quality and consistency across stores. 

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Communication and Marketing Services

Generate a better return through streamlined message creation and personalized multi-channel business communications. Morrisons, one of the United Kingdom’s top four grocery retailers, improved its customer communications with our Communication and Marketing Services. They now deliver high-quality campaigns to hundreds of stores within days, and within budget. 

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