Six steps for complete efficient printing

Benchmark your journey to transforming your print environment

Transforming your print environment isn’t complicated. Get on top of optimization, color, security, mobility, document management and processes and you’re well on your way to total efficient printing.

But it’s difficult to get a clear understanding of how you’re performing in these six areas. And what you should do next.

Our free Print Efficiency Check enables your business to get insight for action in minutes. Simply answer a few questions to learn where you sit on the criteria that count:

  • Device Optimization – How are you using your printers and how many do you really need?
  • Color Printing – Can you control the flow of color printing?
  • Secure Printing – Are you lassiez-faire or solid as a rock?
  • Mobile Print Systems – Do you offer users productive print options?
  • Print Management – Can you see costs, activity and issues?
  • Document Processes – Are your processes up to date with technology?

Get your free report today and move forward with confidence.

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