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Automate and Simplify

Migrating customers to higher levels of print and document management maturity, including converting paper-based workflows to digital and re-engineering processes for greater efficiencies, is the third stage of next-generation Managed Print Services (MPS). We call this stage “Automate and Simplify,” and this is where it gets really interesting.

With the right technology now in place and securely integrated into your IT environment, we look at what it takes to improve productivity in your document-related workflows.

We offer services and print automation technology that take workflow automation beyond just scanning and digitizing paper documents into real business transformation.

We start by capturing quantitative data to analyse your current document workflow.We also collect qualitative information about why documents are printed, shared and moved through your business. This dual approach is unique to our print automation methodology.

The result is data-driven analysis specific to your document use and processes.

After your workflow analysis, Xerox delivers a Process Optimisation Report. It provides actionable insights and recommendations to automate and simplify your document workflows.

We carefully execute workflow integration, because we know you can’t afford any disruptions or risks when you introduce change.

Once we optimize your workflow, we stay engaged with services, dashboards, content management and other innovations to keep your workflow efficient and secure.

Automate and Simplify Key Tools:

Intelligent Workplace Services Insights

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