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Record Solutions for Government Records Management

Records Management

Xerox® AgileFlow Records Manager is a fully integrated document management system for records, clerks, archivists and assessors.
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Electronic Recording

Our electronic recording service is an easy-to-implement record solution and has minimal start-up costs.

Re-index Services

Maintaining a perfect document index - in paper and electronic form - is the goal of every land record office.

Auto Indexing Services

The most significant cost of large-scale indexing is the labor associated with the data entry process. Auto indexing record solutions reduce the number of manual keystrokes for entering index filed data, allowing the indexer to shift effort away from data entry to verification and quality assurance.

Indexing Service Verification Record Solution

Public records document indexing is a challenging task for any office. Data entry operators are responsible not only for keying all information precisely and verifying the accuracy of all information, but also for making correct, informed indexing decisions. Invariably, over time, a variety of factors can cause serious errors to creep into even the best-kept index.

Electronic Records Management System Record Solution

Our 20/20 Perfect Vision™ Electronic Records Management, Workflow and Imaging System supports the rapid cashiering, recording, indexing, scanning, storage, reporting, and public access of property records.

Symphony Document Management System

Symphony Document Management System was developed by Xerox specifically for county clerks, recorders, auditors and assessors to automate the recording, cashiering, imaging, indexing, public access and retrieval of all official records.

Vital Records

The Landmarc™ Vitals Solution supports the recording of vital records such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage license applications, notaries, DBAs, CPLs, and military discharges.

Maps and Plat Maps Record Solution

Are you tired of the time and work it takes to manually search for and pull a drawing, map or plat map? We can help. Digitize, index, link, search and view any map, plat map or drawing from your public search terminal.

Document Preservation and Reproduction Services

In addition to document preservation of old county or city land records, our record solutions reproduce them in high quality for your document archive. Our Document Preservation Services will transform your deteriorating, fading and badly worn record books into long-lasting, easy-to-read archival prints, bound in space-saving, durable binders.

E-Archive Microfilm Services

Our advanced digital imaging conversion laboratory converts millions of digitized images to archival microfilm for hundreds of state, county and municipal governments monthly.

Disaster Recovery Services

Our Disaster Recovery Services guarantee a secure environment for government records. We will protect your data from media errors to damaged media, from single disk failure to system failure.

Image Enhancement Services

Digital Magic Image Enhancement is an exclusive process to preserve old government records by creating a new image of the document as it was originally recorded.

Property Fraud Prevention

Property fraud has become one of the fastest growing financial crimes in the history of the United States. Our Property Fraud Prevention record solution monitors, identifies and notifies individuals whose names have been indexed from a document recorded in the recorder’s office.

Title Records Services

Title Records Corporation is the premier provider of title services for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding counties. Proudly servicing our customers for over 30 years and an industry leader in the state of Texas with products and services in more than 30 counties.

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