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eDiscovery Managed Services

Our flexible managed services platform provides you with fully outsourced technology, processes and experts to support your eDiscovery operations, end-to-end. We provide built-in data security and privacy, innovative analytics and review software and services, a way to manage and predict costs, and the ability to stay competitive. We help make your eDiscovery processes work better for you. 

Flexible Discovery Management 

Decision cycles can make it difficult for a corporate legal department or law firm with in-house eDiscovery technology to stay current the latest data processing, review and analytics technology, along with storage requirements. Even the most tech-savvy organizations often cannot evolve with their eDiscovery needs as data volumes grow and become more complex. Plus, in addition to capital expenses and resources to support IT infrastructure and data-intensive processes, there are a myriad hidden costs when client needs quickly increase or security is compromised. 

Our managed services are designed to mitigate risk by providing managed costs, control to manage your eDiscovery processes while outsourcing the IT infrastructure, software, people and related costs, data security and privacy, leading edge technology and analytics, and total transparency into processes and workflows.

We offer a range of packages for a single monthly fee based on your requirements, including a dedicated environment, processing power, storage, reviewer licenses and all review platform and analytics functionality. Our personnel are available to provide on-site or remote support for your projects. 

On Premises Managed Services 

Organizations often have an immediate, though temporary, need for an on premise eDiscovery solution, driven by factors such as document populations that must stay on-site due to data privacy concerns, custodians located in geographically dispersed locations, internal investigations that require a small team to respond quickly and discreetly, or limited internal resources. For these types of sensitive matters, we can deploy a combination of software and services. Our “backpack” solution offers a cost-effective way to manage critical on-site projects without the need to invest in or manage hardware and software. When the project is complete, the data, or a subset of the data, can be produced, moved to the Xerox cloud for hosted review or exported to an in-house eDiscovery solution.


Viewpoint, proprietary all-in-one technology developed by Xerox, powers our eDiscovery managed services. The platform brings simplicity, ease and affordability to eDiscovery by incorporating complete capabilities into a single platform, including collection, early case assessment, pre-processing and processing, advanced analytics, assisted review, review and production. Viewpoint also offers advanced data filtering and processing capabilities that help reduce costs related to processing and reviewing non-relevant data at the beginning of a matter.

Additional Services 

Organizations can also partner with Xerox to augment their internal capabilities in additional areas, including managed review, collections, strategic search, analytics and technology-assisted review.

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Xerox Legal Business Services (“Xerox”) is not authorized to practice law, and neither offers legal advice nor provides legal services in any jurisdiction. The services offered by Xerox are limited to the non-legal, administrative aspects of document review and discovery projects. Xerox provides such services solely at the direction and under the supervision of its clients’ authorized legal counsel.