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How Lexitas Uses Xerox® RPA to Save Hundreds of Employee Work Hours Each Month

Lexitas, an 841-person litigation support company headquartered in Houston, processes documents for about 18,000 court exhibits each year. By using Xerox Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Service designed for SMB customers, Lexitas has put routine tasks on autopilot to save time and money. Why It Matters: There are approximately 100,000 court cases in the U.S. each year, and each case comes with a stack of routine forms. It adds up to a lot of manual labor. Thanks to Xerox RPA, Lexitas has freed up employees from about 250 hours of routine tasks each month, allowing them to focus on higher revenue generating priorities. "RPA is among the fastest-growing areas of technology adoption and it allows Xerox’s SMB customers to operate more effectively and efficiently.” says Donna O’Donnell, VP, Automation Sales, Xerox. How it Worked Before: Everything had to be done by hand. In order to submit or file court documents, Lexitas employees had to manually convert all digital exhibits received from their clients into readable PDFs. After identifying document types, employees had to stamp them and save them with a defined naming convention. How it Works Now: Xerox’s RPA bot receives input files, extracts data using optical character recognition, and converts the files to the desired format. The bot can handle a wide range of files, including media files and unknown file types. The bot works with Adobe to convert documents to readable PDFs and then stamps and saves the PDF files. The solution is deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS)—a cloud-based platform for storage of data—making it easy for anyone to retrieve documents from Lexitas servers. The Payoff: “Xerox’s RPA service has relieved our employees of the manual, time consuming and mundane tasks, giving them an opportunity to focus more on higher value tasks,” says Joanna Mitchell, Production Director, Lexitas. “Alleviating the burden of laborious, repetitive tasks has helped my team achieve goals faster and with less stress.”

Let’s put your processes on autopilot. How far will it take your business? Watch our video on how Robotic Process Automation can help you. And don’t forget to download the capability brief to discover what’s possible with Xerox® RPA.

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