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Continuously secure your business against cyber threats

With technology evolving at great speeds, cyber-attacks are also adapting, becoming more creative and less easy to detect. Does your business have a well-structured security plan that meets its specific needs?

Cyber attacks are inevitable. As these advanced threats continue to intimidate businesses globally, creating a safe business environment for yourself and your customers should be your top priority.

Xerox delivers best-in-class security services to help you safeguard your organization's end-to-end technology infrastructure in this ever-changing threat landscape. From data and documents to people and devices, we help you protect everything against security breaches so that you get to focus on your core capability – running your business.

We offer what you need

We have a very unconventional approach toward IT security and don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy. We provide well-thought-out hardware, software, and services that are scalable and have the potential to address your immediate and future needs.

Reduce IT complexity with our security framework

Security Capabilities

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Risk Assessments
Technical validation of the security technologies within your IT environment

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Compliance Assessment
Review of your security controls and how they stack up against known vulnerabilities

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Secure Infrastructure
Identify, design and implement a custom, right-sized secure infrastructure

Managed Security Services

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Managed Security Operations
Ongoing monitoring, management and support to proactively identify security issues

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Managed Endpoint Detection & Response
Next Generation proactive detection and resolution of behaviors that include a that indicate a threat

Security Consulting

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On-Demand Security Solutions 
Expert guidance to implement security programs, ensure compliance readiness and provide training for your team

As cyber threats become sophisticated, we constantly innovate our strategy to become your complete Security Operations Center (SOC as a service). Operating as a seamless extension of your IT arm, we assist you with:

  • Risk Assessments: Validating security measures within your IT environment

  • Compliance Assessment: Reviewing your security controls to see how they stack up against known vulnerabilities and threat intelligence

  • Managed Security Operations: Proactive monitoring and identification of security events

  • Managed Endpoint Detection & Response: Detecting and remediating suspicious behaviors to guarantee a high level of security

  • Team of Security Experts: With over 100 years of experience, our security analysts and information security team provide guidance every step of the way

Regardless of your organization’s size, cyber attacks can cripple your operations with lost revenue, diminished client trust, and a damaged brand reputation. And if you are running your small and medium business, you must be extra careful while choosing the right managed security service provider (MSSP) to:

  • Identify potential threats and indicators of compromise

  • Save time and money with real-time cyberattack protection

  • Protect yourself and your customers

Let us help you combat the hazards of security threats and data breaches by putting our unmatched expertise to work.

Be sure to check out our Security Brochure to know more about our managed security services.

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Xerox® IT Services

End-to-end IT solutions with 24/7/365 support for small and medium businesses.

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Robotic Process Automation

Imagine if you were free to focus on the big picture while bots took care of your manual tasks.