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IT Services Built on a History of Innovative Solutions, Service and Support

Today’s workplace for small and medium-sized businesses and IT service providers has changed. Technology trends have impacted all aspects of commerce from 5G and AI to tech-assisted shopping – redirecting the way information is stored, communicated, and accessed. Xerox® provides IT services that respond in real time to a rapidly growing and morphing SMB market with unique, customized solutions hallmarked by personal, localized partnerships.

Xerox has always provided businesses large and small with innovative and transformative technology solutions and services. From managed IT services to cloud migrations and critical information security management, Xerox manages technology so SMBs can meet the needs of their customers, keep ahead of trends, and focus on profitability.

Meeting a host of SMB challenges to stay competitive

Many small and mid-sized businesses are still finding their footing in post-pandemic terrain. How does one justify spending on IT infrastructure amid inflation anxiety, workforce scarcity, energy costs and uncertain consumer demand? And yet, business owners and IT managers are the first to recognise the influence of technology on business.

Nearly 97% of SMBs consider technology to be integral to business success – though 61% resist in part due to several pain points.1

Anthony Lane, General Manager of IT Sales Solutions and Global Enterprise for Xerox, observes most seek trusted partners like Xerox to address those pain points. “SMBs must find ways to innovate and stimulate their environment unlike before (the pandemic), when they were not being driven by technology. It was OK the old way, but companies move quicker than ever.”

Embracing this technological shift is paramount. For any size business, digitally enabled cloud service is essential infrastructure for operational needs, successful customer, partner and supplier connections, risk management, and greater cost efficiency and productivity. Plus, the market demands it.

Digitally enabling small and medium-sized businesses is a strategic necessity. Rich Artese, General Manager of Xerox® IT Services, confirms: “If you’re not doing it well, you’re not going to be visible to your customers. If your data is not secure, then your customers are going to stop coming. If you're not efficient, then it's going to cost more to support your customers. And if you can't afford it, you're going to cut your services, and again, your customers are going to leave. So, being digitally enabled is important because without it you will not survive."

A strong sales team that emphasizes client and partner relationships

Relationships drive success in today’s small and mid-sized market businesses. From day one, Xerox sales teams recognize that asking the right questions and then simply listening is often the ideal approach. Xerox acts as a trusted consultant, rather than an immediate seller, limiting any preconceived ideas or promoting any single solution.

“Our sales teams always ask our customers, ‘What obstacle keeps you up at night?' then they identify solutions,” adds Lane. “It’s this ability to be product- and solutions-agnostic that makes us unique. Plus, our sales teams are very connected to our partners – big organizations that provide incredible solutions. We work with them to learn the sweet spots, and they help us deploy the best technologies.”

Xerox sales teams also bring experience and knowledge of what business outcomes today’s SMBs are concentrating on. After assessing needs both immediate and long-term, naming pain points and ways to minimize or avoid them, sales teams architect solutions that also take into consideration a business’s operational and productivity goals, risk factors and cost considerations.

“The whole purpose of IT is to create efficiency…”

Most businesses focus on being able to meet customers’ needs and optimize efficiency. The IT services industry can help SMBs weather storms by helping them utilize technology to solve problems – especially as customers' habits change. That is important as developing technology takes on an expanding role in business and reconstructs the way owners deal with both production and customers.

For example, Artificial Intelligence offers more personalized experiences for customers. Xerox® IT Services offers reliable support with both AI and automation services, integrating smart tech in a broad range of application situations including cybersecurity, payment processing and inventory, CRM systems, project management, and analytics and marketing.

Perhaps the most efficient tool at any business owner’s disposal is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA assists with workflows by automating manual tasks across business processes, enabling more to be done in less time, and enabling employees to focus on other tasks. “RPA and our AI offerings help small businesses be more available to their customers. We can configure and set up these processes, make repairs and support employees wherever they are,” adds Artese. These made-to-fit solutions make businesses smarter, safer, and stronger – and more cost efficient.

End-to-end IT Services and Solutions that start with understanding SMBs

Xerox IT Services address primary questions – price, security and trust, ease of implementation and use, servicing and support, and ultimately, performance and reliability. Thanks to a comprehensive responsiveness few service providers can replicate, Xerox understands concerns from the street level and reacts with flexible and scalable solutions that are never one-size-fits-all. “We’re a large organization but we can relate to small businesses,” says Lane. “They are a majority of our customers, and we understand them because we collaborate with them.”

“From an infrastructure standpoint, we offer the best brands to our customers, from Dell, HPE, and Cisco to Lenovo and Microsoft. And we’re nimble so we can speak to a business and immediately assess their needs from a network infrastructure, security, wireless, or even managed IT services standpoint.”

Globalized reach with a localized touch

At the end of the day, customers choose an IT service vendor because they trust them to advise, provide comprehensive services, and be there when they need them. Xerox IT Services support every product sold backed by a history of being committed to helping customers transform and grow their businesses. Xerox sales teams create long-term IT strategies that nurture a business’s vision, uncover pain points, and offer progressive solutions with a personal commitment and touch rare in the industry.

Lane understands the value of this unique marketing dynamic, “We have the capabilities of a global company that can offer local, regionalized support. That is the real key for our customers – global reach, centralized strategy but decentralized in the field for that local, personalized experience.”

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Xerox IT Services is a comprehensive, customizable suite of end-to-end IT services and solutions.

From hardware procurement and help desk support, to security and automation, Xerox is a strategic partner you can count on.

1. Techaisle SMB & Midmarket Technology Adoption Study, 2022.

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