Keep Your Insurance Business Ahead Through Innovation

Drive efficiencies and enhance end-to-end customer experience

Meet the challenge of the significant changes in the insurance market by delivering automation, simplification and real-time processing. By replacing manual and repetitive tasks with automated systems, our insurance technology solutions can help you meet the needs of customers efficiently and effectively with a fast turnaround time. Keep claims moving, ensure accuracy every step of the way and deliver great customer experiences across the customer lifecycle.

How Xerox Supports Insurance Businesses

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Digital Insurance Services

With Xerox® Insurance Solutions for digital insurer, you can refine your company’s digital channels and accelerate response times with the power of workflow automation. By streamlining the business processes behind every customer interaction, you can improve the overall customer experience and reduce costs along the way.
Xerox® Services for Digital Insurer

Gain Control of Documents

We understand that the insurance industry requires the use of documentation, by insurers and customers, for every step in the process. Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services (IWS) helps you gain control of document processes through automated technology which results in boosted productivity and enhanced document security to better serve your customers.
Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services

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Manage Information Capture

Insurance companies need to enable collaboration and balance in-office and remote work while ensuring regulatory compliance. Start using information more effectively.
Xerox® Capture and Content Services

Streamline Customer Communications

Today’s consumer expects highly personalized and speedy communications — all in the channels of their choice.
Xerox® Campaigns on Demand Services
Digital Hub & Cloud Print

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