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Health and Productivity

Learn how approaching health care programs in a new way enables your people to come to work, ready to work – without breaking the bank.


Keeping your workforce healthy and productive is good for your employees and your business. The first step is ensuring your health and productivity programs reflect your business goals and talent needs.

Rather than simply shifting costs to employees, we focus on health improvement, effective vendor management and integration, and individual accountability – strategies that decrease the trend of your health expenditures. We advise you – and, through you, your people – on the most effective and appropriate choices, thereby achieving meaningful cost savings.

Of course, managing your health care spend and improving the health of your workforce requires more than the right plan design. It requires effective execution to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time in just the right way, ensuring you achieve the desired outcomes. We can help.

Featured Health and Productivity Solutions

Absence Management

From design and implementation to administration and ongoing support, we help you control costs, enhance the quality of benefits and services, and improve productivity through plan integration. Learn more about our absence management solutions ›

Dependent Eligibility, Claims and Care Management Audits

Our specialized audits identify dependents who are no longer eligible, and ensure that medical and pharmacy claims are being administered accurately and according to the guidelines of your plan. Learn more about our audit solutions ›

Health Care Reform

We continue to interpret Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislation for you – so you understand, in practical terms, what it means and what you need to do. Stay up to date on health care reform ›

Pharmacy Plan Consulting

We help you navigate the dynamic and complex pharmacy benefit marketplace by negotiating competitive rates and best-in-class provisions for your contract, benchmarking your plan’s performance against best-practice standards, and providing you with clinical expertise to help evaluate high-quality, cost-effective programs. Learn more about our pharmacy plan consulting services ›

Featured Content


Health Overview (PDF, 368 KB)

Retiree Health Care Solutions (PDF, 249 KB)

Severance Solution (PDF, 480 KB)

VBIS (PDF, 691 KB)

HIPAA Compliance: Training Your Workforce (PDF, 713 KB)

Complimentary HIPAA Checkup (PDF, 747 KB)

HIPAA Secure: Your Gateway to Security (PDF, 898 KB)

Case Studies

Employee Assistance Programs (PDF, 464 KB)

Health Strategy | York International Corporation (PDF, 938 KB)

Separation Solutions (PDF, 383 KB)

Health and Productivity Services

  • Absence Management Services
  • Benefit and Care Plan Audits
  • Engagement and Portal Strategies
  • Exchange Strategies and Solutions
  • Federal and State Regulatory Compliance
  • H&W Brokerage Services
  • Health Analytics
  • Health Care Supply Chain Management
  • Health Strategy and Financial Management
  • Pharmacy Plan Consulting
  • Post-Retirement Medical Valuations
  • Voluntary Benefits

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