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Employee Total Rewards Assessment

Is your organization’s Employee Total Rewards program competitive? It’s important to understand the value you offer and how you differ from your competitors, so you can articulate this to employees for better attraction, retention and engagement.

Our Employee Total Rewards Assessment solutions deliver an in-depth competitive assessment of each element of your total remuneration package, including compensation, health benefits, retirement benefits, pay practices, and “the total” from a qualitative and quantitative perspective.

By tailoring the assessment for multiple employee groups, such as executives, management, professionals, and administrative staff, in addition to the organization in aggregate, you’ll have a full view of your competitive landscape.

The goal is to help you arrive at the right level and mix of programs to recruit and retain the talent you need to help your business succeed – now and in the future.

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Total Rewards Assessment (PDF, 268 KB)

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  • Board of Directors Compensation
  • Equity Compensation (Domestic and Global)
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