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Pay and Performance

Gaining competitive advantage, allocating compensation budgets, and managing costs go hand-in-hand with understanding the value of a fully-engaged workforce to help your organization grow and succeed.

Your compensation solutions need to motivate and reward all your people in a way that fits your business, gains acceptance from regulators and stakeholders, and sends the right message to your workforce. That’s where we can help.

Our experienced consultants combine industry knowledge with awareness of emerging practices in compensation and rewards.

Featured Compensation Solutions

Total Rewards Assessment

We deliver an in-depth competitive assessment of each element of your total remuneration package. By tailoring the assessment for multiple employee groups in addition to the organization in aggregate, you’ll have a full view of your competitive landscape. Learn more about our Total Rewards Assessment solutions ›

Featured Content


Pay Strategies (PDF, 257 KB)

Executive Compensation (PDF, 312 KB)

Equity Compensation Valuation Services (PDF, 277 KB)

Sales Compensation Strategies and Incentive Plans (PDF, 272 KB)

Case Studies

Executive Incentives and Retention (PDF, 169 KB)

Labor Cost Analysis (PDF, 321 KB)

Converting Stock Plans (PDF, 171 KB)

Pay and Performance Services

  • Broad Based Compensation
  • Executive Compensation
  • Board of Directors Compensation
  • Equity Compensation (Domestic and Global)
  • Salesforce Effectiveness
  • Total Rewards

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