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Employee Engagement through Communication and Technology

Learn how delivering the right messages at the right time in the right way can engage your people so you both get the most from your career, health and wealth programs.

Employees are one of your most valuable assets. Enabling them to be better consumers of the programs you offer helps them be more physically, emotionally and fiscally healthy. In turn, that enables them to become more engaged in their jobs, leading to a higher-performing workforce. In short, if they’re healthy, your organization is healthy.

We help organizations get the right message to the right people at the right time using the right channels – from “mass media” communications to highly personalized technology solutions, such as portals and decision support tools. Backed by sound analytics, our strategic, tailored employee engagement solutions help drive desired audience behaviors, strengthen your organizational culture and deliver improved business results.

Featured Solutions

Global HR Portals

Aggregate all of your career, health and wealth programs into a single user experience to reach all HR consumers – incorporating new and existing self-service tools to help drive desired workforce behaviors. Learn more about our Global HR Portal solutions ›

Health and Financial Well-Being

Focus on the programs that matter personally to employees – the compensation and benefit plans that support their physical and financial well-being. Drive ideal wellness outcomes with targeted incentives and messaging. Learn more about our Health and Financial Well-Being solutions ›

Xerox® Life Connect Solution

Life Connect delivers the best features and functionality of a custom HR portal through a cost-effective platform — a platform that can grow as your organization’s needs grow. Learn more about our Life Connect portal ›

Total Rewards and Employee Value Proposition

Communicate your total value for employees and enhance your ability to attract, retain and motivate the high-caliber people needed to achieve your business objectives. Learn more about our Total Rewards and Employee Value Proposition solutions ›

Featured Content


Harness the Power of Employee Engagement (PDF, 1.18 MB)

Employee Listening (PDF, 369 KB)

Customized Survey Solutions (PDF, 990 KB)

Case Studies

Improving Wellness through Social Media (PDF, 340 KB)

Communicating Change through Social Media and Games (PDF, 323 KB)

Enrollment Communication (PDF, 340 KB)

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