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Managing a population's healthcare coverage means more than just serving the eligible and enrolled. It also means helping uninsured and underinsured individuals understand and obtain the coverage they need.

With our health insurance exchange solutions, you can inform all your citizens of their healthcare options and help them enroll in a plan. You can also educate them on positive behaviors that yield improved health outcomes and lower costs.

Under current legislation, citizens must be able to use an online Health Insurance Exchange portal to comparison-shop and choose a health insurance carrier. Employing our full suite of eligibility and exchange services, you can meet the requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) while:

  • Increasing program effectiveness and efficiency
  • Decreasing your uninsured population
  • Improving customer service

We provide immediate online access to healthcare options. Our web portal is a one-stop marketplace that your citizens can use to determine their eligibility, estimate and compare costs, get plan and provider information, and choose and apply for the right coverage. Our health insurance exchange solutions include:

  • Proactive outreach and retention of consumers, providers, employers, carriers and stakeholders
  • Shop-and compare services
  • Premium billing, processing, collection, aggregation and remittance
  • 24/7 multilingual customer care
  • Complaints, grievances, appeals and fair hearing support
  • Consumer satisfaction monitoring
  • Objective health plan quality review and compliance reporting
  • Data analytics and actuarial support
  • Incorporation of tax credits and subsidies in cost calculations
  • Ongoing online and live customer support for life event changes to coverage throughout the coverage year.

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