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The next generation of business transaction processing is here – The Xerox® LiveKey® Business Process Connector

Every day Xerox processes more than 10 million business documents around the globe, enabling our customers to dedicate more time to their core business objectives. Now we are uniquely positioned to offer seamless integration, connecting your office directly to our business processing centers.

With the traditional method of submitting your documents for processing, you have to work with a labor-intensive, paper-based process that requires you to:

  • Make extra copies for shipping and backup
  • Sort, create cover sheets, and prepare for shipment
  • Fax or ship your documents for processing
  • Wait several days for your transactions to be processed

Accessed via the user interface panel of a Xerox multifunction printer (MFP), LiveKey offers you customized workflows that let you convert your documents in to intelligent structured data, which not only accelerates the entire processing timeline but allows you to have complete control and visibility of your data throughout the process.

Using Xerox’s proven and secure scanning platform and reliable MFPs, you benefit from:

  • A direct on-ramp that securely scans your documents directly to Xerox processing centers
  • The automatic and instant conversion of your documents to structured digital data that helps guide your data directly to the correct Xerox employee who will process your transaction
  • Same day submission – your documents arrive at Xerox processing the same day you scan them saving valuable time and shortening the entire transaction process

LiveKey also extends the value of Xerox MFPs allowing you to go beyond the usual point of need functions like copying, printing, faxing and basic network scanning. With LiveKey, your MFP is elevated to new heights of productivity as it directly connects you to the key people at Xerox who process your critical business transactions.

A solution that is unique in the industry

Combining the broad range of business processing services with an award-winning hardware and scanning platform offers you a unique advantage. Xerox is the only business process provider that can bring it all together – from the hardware you need to scan your documents to the productivity-enhancing business services you rely on to help you focus on what really makes your business tick – your core growth objectives. LiveKey is the result of seamless integration from the point of scanning with custom-designed workflows that offer a direct on ramp to business processing services. Add all of the business-transforming intelligence that has allowed Xerox to go beyond simple transaction processing and become a true business partner, and the result is you reaching or exceeding your business goals and providing better service to your clients.

The comprehensive business-transforming services behind LiveKey

Xerox has established itself as a leader in business-transforming services for key industries such as Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Education, Transportation, Shipping & Logistics, Travel and Retail. We have helped thousands of organizations in these industries offer better support and services to their clients and can also help automate every day office functions like human resources, accounts payable, travel & expense, insurance & healthcare claims, finance & accounting and anything that keeps your office ticking that is not part of your core customer-facing business.

The future of transaction processing is here and it has been completely automated and made more secure with Xerox LiveKey.

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