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Transaction Management System – Xerox Transactional Content Manager (XTCM)

Behind every business process is a series of transactions, from processing insurance claims to approving vacation requests. More often than not, these transactions are paper-based, which can be difficult to track, action and maintain. Today, converting to a paperless and digitized environment is no longer optional; it’s critical. Through the transaction management system XTCM, paper and other content come together with business processes on a single platform.

XTCM is our web-based, transactional content management system that automatically moves documents along a pathway of decision points based on customizable rules. A hosted solution, XTCM automates document- and image-centric business processes, including content upload, storage, workflow, access, archiving and retention. It integrates with other data-driven systems such as your enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management systems.

What makes the XTCM transaction management system different?

  • Content access and collaboration on a common platform
  • Faster and better decision making processes
  • Improved efficiencies from reusable content (such as templates)
  • Reduced risk and improved compliance through standardization
  • Better collaboration amongst employees
  • Hosted solution requires limited client IT involvement

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