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Safe Courier Mobile Solution

The days of needing a fax machine or a scanner are quickly coming to an end. With this next-generation mobile courier solution from Xerox, anyone with a supported mobile device can take a picture of a document and securely send it to a desired location or integrate it with a business process. A web interface is also available for desktop PC users to securely send pre-scanned documents.
  • Leapfrog past the limitations of fax or scan-and-email technology
  • Swiftly and securely send documents on the spot
  • Enhance and streamline submission of paperwork
  • Integrate with other workflows

If your needs extend beyond receipt of documents from mobile devices, ask us about our server-to-server capabilities for managing large volumes of documents.

Safe Courier Features

Putting One-Touch Convenience into Your Customers’ Hands

Until recently, if you needed to get a document somewhere quickly, sending it via fax might have been the fastest way – or, scanning it, creating an electronic file, then attaching and sending it via email. Otherwise, you may have turned to express delivery services or regular mail. Not only are these methods less than optimal in terms of mobile document security, they’re also only as convenient as the ability to access a fax machine, scanner, computer, delivery box or post office.

With Safe Courier from Xerox, you gain on-the-spot mobile convenience to securely send documents from where you are to where you need them to be.

  • Next-generation, customer-facing solution
  • Runs on the latest iPhones, Androids, iPads and desktops
  • Simple, user-friendly
  • Smart mobile image capture, processing and integration
  • Web interface for desktop access via the Internet
  • Multiple secure delivery options
  • Backed by secure, proprietary file transfer system
  • Highly scalable
  • RegEx support for file handling, renaming and cloning
  • Centralized point of compliance, management and monitoring of file transfers

Customizable for Your Needs

If you want to rebrand the Safe Courier app into your organization’s look and feel – we offer it as a private-label solution that organizations who want to securely receive documents can customize (both in name, and in look and feel) to their own specifications. For this form of the solution, we use the placeholder name “Secure Doc Sender,” but once it’s re-branded, it becomes whatever name the organization receiving documents chooses.

Since “Secure Doc Sender” gets customized to reflect the brand, look and feel of each recipient organization, it doesn’t become fully functional until after an end-user has:

  • Downloaded the app to their device for the purpose of securely sending a document (or documents) to a recipient organization
  • Followed the prompts to search for and select their intended recipient (organization)
  • Downloaded the accompanying resources for that recipient

Once all of these steps are completed, the app is ready to work to securely send documents to the selected recipient, and all the functionality will be exactly the same as described above for Safe Courier.

Talk to a Xerox representative to explore other private-label options, such as working with our team to tailor the Safe Courier app to your organization’s specifications.

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