School System Makes Teaching Easier with Xerox® DocuShare®

Ask any teacher, and they’ll give you the same answer: more time helping students is always better than less. So when Lincoln Public Schools realized how much time their teachers spent processing documents, they decided to make a change.

With a holistic Xerox® solution, including Xerox® DocuShare®, Lincoln Public Schools can easily access, store and share classroom documents, financial data and digital content in a single place. Streamlining processes, and making teaching and learning work better.

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  • Improved support for teaching and learning
  • Guaranteed overnight turnaround for teaching materials
  • Standardized technology across the district for effortless adoption and use
  • 50% reduction in document devices
  • Vendors reduced from five to one
  • Reduced consumption of energy, paper and supplies

See how you can manage your content and processes more effectively with Xerox® DocuShare®.


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