G2’s “Winter 2020 Enterprise Content Management Grid® Report" takes a new approach, guided by user reviews

The latest ECM Grid® offers un-biased ratings by professionals.

Did you know that one of the first keys to digital transformation is digitizing and effectively managing your content? As a business or IT professional, how can you determine the most effective solution to start that process?

The G2 ECM Grid® report, based on reviews written by real business professionals, takes a new approach to helping you evaluate software decisions.

It also leverages customer satisfaction data reported by authenticated users, and offers new Index reports on Usability, Relationships and easy Implementation.

This Winter 2020 Grid® Report includes comparative ratings and scores of the major ECM software vendors and rates Xerox® DocuShare® as a leader.

Read just a couple G2 user reviews of DocuShare:

  • Xerox's DocuShare support team has been outstanding. We've used them to build us custom workflow routings, reducing the amount of time it takes the users to create the routings as opposed to creating the workflows from scratch using the native ad-hoc routings - Ted
  • Easy to use Product! – I love how easy it is to use and share documents from one computer to the other. Everything is right at the tip of your fingers. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to share things with a coworker or moving from one computer to the next, everything is right where you need it to be. – User

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