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Claims Gateway Companion Guides

EDI Direct Companion Guides were created for our trading partners to use in conjunction with the ANSI ASC X12N National Implementation Guide. These companion guides outline the procedures for engaging in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with EDI Direct and provide payer-specific data clarifications where applicable. 

5010 Submission Guidance

EDI Direct Claims Gateway 5010 Communication Document (PDF, 790 KB)
- A general, non-payer specific guide to submitting 5010 transactions to our Claims Gateway. 

Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative: 837 P & I (PDF, 194 KB)

Gold Coast Health Plan Healthcare: 837 P & I (PDF, 290 KB)  

HealthyCT: 837 P and I (PDF, 194 KB)

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company X12N 837 P & I (PDF, 308 KB)

XL Health_CIP 837 P & I (PDF, 293 KB)