City Government Uses Xerox® DocuShare® to Benefit Citizens

While the City of Newark may have been undergoing a renaissance, its document technology hadn’t kept up. A mountain of paper stood in the way of giving citizens the help they needed, when they needed it. With the goal of going paperless, the city implemented Xerox® DocuShare®.

With Xerox® DocuShare®, the City of Newark has the instant access to documents and automatic file routing they need to help citizens faster.

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  • $500,000 savings in annual advertising costs with digitized RFP process
  • Simplified IT request process in Office of Management and Budget
  • IT request turnaround time dropped from days and weeks to hours
  • Reduced paper storage and faster communication in legal department
  • Rapid electronic invoice access and updating for accounting

See how you can manage your content and processes more effectively with Xerox® DocuShare®.

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