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Is data buried in physical documents slowing your organization down? 

Xerox® Capture and Content Backfile Scanning 

Accelerate your business processes by converting paper documents into secure, indexed and searchable digital files. 

In today’s hybrid work environment, spending hours accessing a document buried in your file cabinets slows down your business processes.

If you add the risk of losing critical paper-based data and the cost associated with physical file archives and retrieval, converting paper documents into digital format is a priority.

Xerox Capture & Content Backfile Scanning: Going paperless has never been easier YouTube Video

Convert and categorize paper documents, ensuring that each digitized file is indexed, searchable and securely stored in compliance with regulatory requirements.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Receive: On receipt, we prepare your documents at Xerox Imaging Centers or on your premises.

  2. Digitize: We scan and process using OCR for full text search, index and review for quality.

  3. Enable Automation: We provide intelligent organized digital files with audit trails and prepare you for day forward processing and workflow automation.

Introducing our Xerox® Capture & Content Backfile Scanning Capabilities 

  • Support efficiency of a hybrid workforce by quickly locating and accessing critical data.

  • Increase security requirements of sensitive information, safeguarding against unauthorized access, physical damage or loss.

  • Enhance collaboration giving immediate access to information supporting critical project files.

  • Streamline business processes by moving physical documents into digital workflows.

  • Ensure compliance with business specific regulations and standards with file audit trails.

  • Reclaim space for more operational needs, contributing to a more efficient use of resources.

And we can also help you take action with the digital files

Our Intelligent Document Processing capabilities that leverage AI, Machine Learning and RPA will enable you to extract relevant and contextual information, classify, catalog and transform data as needed and automate end-to-end business processes.

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Capture and Content Services

Redefine the way you handle physical and electronic data capture with our Capture and Content Services. Leveraging powerful AI and machine learning, you can automatically capture and validate information from digital or physical documents.

Xerox’s Intelligent Document Processing: Better business results start with better data processing YouTube Video
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Add intelligence to your unstructured data​

Manage your data explosion. Extract value from large amounts of semi- and unstructured documents harnessing the power of AI.