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Cleveland State University

Committing to Saving Energy

Cleveland State University's president signed a commitment to reduce energy costs. Then he signed up for Xerox Managed Print Services. Now, CSU has cut energy and greenhouse gases by more than 50% – and that's not all. Stephanie McHenry, Vice President of CSU Business Affairs and Finance explains:

Scanning, Transmitting and Storing Documents

University libraries are usually the quietest buildings on campus. But the AUC Woodruff Library encourages students and faculty to speak up by providing feedback and suggestions. Loretta Parham, Woodruff's CEO and Director, explains the input process.

Reaching Sustainability Goals

When government funding began to decrease for Cleveland State University, the institution needed to find new ways to cut costs to serve its 17,000 students. CFO Stephanie McHenry explains how the university found savings in energy conservation.

Reducing Print Devices from 2,500 to 350

How do you reduce a printer fleet of 2,500 to about 300 and still increase productivity and savings? Cleveland State University found a way.

Saving over 500,000 Dollars Per Year

Problem: The state of Ohio has cut your budget by 50% while mandating a 20% reduction in energy. What's the correct formula for success? Answer below.

Focusing on Serving Students, not Printers

When the management of printers was distracting Cleveland State University from its core mission of education, the university decided to put Managed Print Services to the test.

Partnering for the future

When Cleveland State University wanted to enhance its print operations for 17,000 students – plus faculty and administrators – they needed a partner who was up for the challenge.

Reacting to New Technology

Managed Print Services cut costs and improve productivity. There's another benefit that doesn't come to mind as quickly – managing change. Jack Boyle, Senior Fellow at Cleveland State University, discusses this critical hidden value.

Offering a Unique Partnership

Decreased funding + cost reduction + aging printers = Cleveland State University's challenge. Answer? A Managed Print Services partnership. Watch Offering a Unique Partnership video:

Moving Forward with a Partner

As technology races ahead, it's important for educational institutions to not fall behind. Students expect, and even demand, the latest tech tools. So when Cleveland State University was looking for a Managed Print Services partner, they wanted someone who could help them move forward with confidence. Jack Boyle, Senior Fellow at Cleveland State University explains.

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