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City of Riverside

Creating SmartRiverside to Gain a Competitive Edge

Today, Riverside, California is one of the most innovative cities in the nation, offering programs such as the Digital Inclusion Program and city-wide Wi-Fi. But Riverside didn't always boast such forward-thinking programs. See how a high tech taskforce transformed a community once known for its agriculture into the epitome of modernization.

Teaming up with Xerox IT Staff

When you have 43 members of your 50 member IT staff working for Xerox, it's important to know they are fully integrated in your organization. The City of Riverside relies on Xerox IT staff for everything from programming to systems administration and, time after time, the staff delivers. But it's their dedication and excitement for the city that makes CIO, Lea Deesing, truly consider Xerox staff "part of our team."

Delivering Innovation to Every Corner of the City

From handing out nearly 7,000 computers to low-income families to offering city-wide Wi-Fi to leading a Gang Deterrence program, the Smart Riverside program has permeated much of city life in Riverside, California. CIO, Lee Deesing, discusses all the aspects.

Securing the City's Printing Network

Printing security is oft-overlooked and with a fleet of non standard devices complicating the security process, it may be tempting to ignore. Xerox centralized the City of Riverside's devices and provides standards and default settings to ensure data transmitted through printing and scanning is adequately protected.

Preventing Gangs with a Unique Deterrence Program

While some California cities fight gang violence with added law enforcement, the City of Riverside adopts gang members into its intern program developed to teach individuals how to refurbish computers. Instead of going to jail or living on the streets, former gang members are finding a home working with computers and adding value to the city.

Leveraging Community Knowledge to Keep Innovation Moving

One of the biggest drivers of innovation in the City of Riverside is collaboration. Many of the great ideas the city has acted on emerged out of group discussions and input from the community. Riverside CIO, Lea Deesing, discusses how putting more heads together means better idea generation.

Saving 180,000 Dollars a Year with MPS

Spending is always a concern for city officials, especially when it comes to discovering your printing services are costing you upwards of $1.2 million a year. Managed Print Services from Xerox helped Riverside, California realize annual savings of $180k affording the city enough budget-room to keep critical members on staff.

Governing Printing to Improve Sustainability Efforts

Staying cognizant of print costs and paper usage is nearly impossible during the busy day-to-day operations of the City of Riverside. Xerox keeps city staff alert with helpful notifications and reminders, and improves visibility with cost calculations. Employees are making better decisions and the city is greener as a result.

Collaborating with Partners to Increase Flexibility

With the help of outside partners, the City of Riverside has found a level of flexibility it never would've achieved on its own. No more spending money during periods when certain services aren't required. Whenever extra resources are needed, Riverside can count on its partners to come just in time.

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