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Xerox® Cartridges for HP and Brother


Lots of alternative toner cartridges can save you money, but at what risk? Low page yields? Second-rate printing? Breakdowns?

Saving money doesn’t have to mean taking chances. Xerox® Supplies for non-Xerox printers can shave 25-40% from your toner costs without compromising quality or reliability. And you can find Xerox brand cartridges for 95% of HP and Brother printers. Check out the complete portfolio.

Here’s why Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers are the smart choice:

Page Yield

Bargain brand cartridges are notorious for printing a fraction of the pages they promise, often because they leak toner like a sieve. That’s why it can take two or more to print as many pages as a single Xerox brand cartridge with patented leak-preventing technology.

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Image Quality

Just like eyeglasses need to match the wearer’s vision, toner needs to be compatible with a printer’s specifications: If they don’t, pictures look out of focus, details get lost and text is blurred. Xerox brand cartridges' strict adherence to international quality standards ensures your printer produces lifelike photos, smooth colour gradations, sharp lines and clear text.

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Have you ever replaced a dead battery only to discover that the new battery is dead, too? It’s just as frustrating when you install a toner cartridge only to discover that it’s dead on arrival. Xerox print tests every single cartridge during manufacturing as a final quality validation step.

lifetime warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers are backed by a lifetime warranty. In the unlikely event of an issue, Xerox will replace the cartridge free of charge.

Where to buy Xerox® Supplies for non-Xerox printers

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