The printer supplies problem every office manager deals with

Being an office manager means finding solutions. But sometimes the only way to solve a problem is with a trade-off – especially when it comes to buying toner. 

On the one hand, you’re looking for ways to save some money. On the other, you want your office to have great supplies and your people to get the quality of documents they need. 

So either you get the best toner from the original manufacturer. Or you trade down and get the bargain brand that’ll eventually ruin your printer and everyone’s documents. 

It’s a hard nut to crack. But one you can’t afford to get wrong.

So here’s the good news. 

toner for non-xerox printer with packaging

That trade-off is real. But there’s a way around it. 

They’re called Xerox® Supplies for Non-Xerox Printers. And they help you in three big ways. 

  1. They give you the quality and reliability you’d expect from an original manufacturer like Xerox. 
  2. They come at a cost that won’t break your budget. 
  3. And there’s a Xerox® cartridge for virtually every laser printer in the market. 


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Great office managers know all the trade-offs their companies have to make. But they also find ways around them. 

With Xerox® Supplies for non-Xerox printers you can overcome the cost-quality trade-off. And get back to focusing on the important stuff. 

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