• Why risk your health to save money?

Why risk your health to save money?

Volatile organic compound styrene is up to 16,510% higher in third-party, bargain-brand toner cartridges

You want to save money. Who doesn’t? So, you buy low-cost toner on the internet for your Xerox printer thinking, “What’s the worst that could go wrong?” It turns out, plenty.


Our Analytical Services Department tested a widely available aftermarket toner for the Xerox® Phaser® 6510 printer. The results shocked us.

  • Styrene levels were at 650 parts per million (ppm) for a Chinese-manufactured aftermarket toner vs. 4 ppm for Xerox Genuine Toner: a 16,510% difference.
  • The Xerox safety guideline is less than 25 ppm

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Volatile Organic Compound testing in Xerox - Phaser 6510: Styrene levels

Styrene and lung cancer

You might be putting your health, and the health of others, at risk by using bargain-brand toner cartridges. These aftermarket toner cartridges can introduce higher amounts of styrene into the indoor office air you and your co-workers breathe each workday.

  • California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment cites studies showing that styrene increased the incidence of combined malignant and benign lung tumors1.
  • In April, 2016, the State of California added styrene to the list of chemicals known to cause cancer.

What are you breathing and how do you know? With bargain brands, you don’t.

Use Xerox Genuine Toner Cartridges in your Xerox printer and breathe easy, knowing you’re safe.

Through the oversight of the Xerox Environmental Health & Safety organization, we’ve long worked toward minimizing the use of hazardous substances in our products. Thanks to our stringent requirements, Xerox toners and printing products:

  • are non-carcinogenic and non-mutagenic.
  • do not pose a toxicity hazard to humans or aquatic species.
  • will not cause a permanent, adverse impact to the skin, eyes or respiratory system.

Xerox posts safety data sheets for every product we sell. These contain information relating to the safe use, storage, and disposal of supplies.

Saving money on toner cartridges for your office just isn’t worth the risk to your health. Free yourself from health concerns and focus on meeting your business potential with Xerox Genuine Supplies.

1Response to Comments Pertaining to the Notice of Intent to List Styrene as Causing Cancer under Proposition 65

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