Looking back to move forward: top tips for taking on small business challenges in the new year.

Before finishing 2018, take a little time to reflect on the year and some subjects that matter to you and your small business: productivity, cost cutting and saving, security, mobility and how to best differentiate yourself from the crowd. Take these reminders below into the new year to be ahead of schedule and more productive than ever in the year ahead.

Ready? Set! 2019!

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1. Productivity

If the thought of hitting the ground running January 1st makes you weary even before the countdown to midnight starts, you might need a refresher in the most constructive uses for your time and resources. Upping your productivity in 2019 can be easier than you think, start by simplifying your life.

Avoid drops in productivity by taking time out for yourself to recharge, learning to delegate tasks and keeping tabs on your goals. Likewise, save the strain on your office by choosing an all-in-one device that consolidates functions. The productivity-enhancing tools found on Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology enabled printers can put time back in your day by taking manual multitasking off your plate.

Read more on preventing burnout, finding the right work/life balance and addressing small business challenges. And don’t forget to download our free, inspiring 2019 calendars.

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2. Cost-cutting and saving to invest

There are several ways of approaching expenses that can reveal surprising opportunities to save money.

Instead of worrying about every penny spent, performing a cost-inventory and removing the emotions around money is a great start to making sound, objective financial decisions. Refresh why and how in our tips on easy ways to discover hidden costs and reveal surprising returns and also consider our advice on when and how to spend money wisely.

Additional savings can be found in programs like Xerox eConcierge® which offer free lifetime service coverage and savings of roughly $1,280 over the life time of your printer1.

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3. Security

Another SMB challenge is security. Both personal and workplace security is at risk if precautions are not taken, and the fallout can be both pricey and devastating for you and your small business. Follow these tried-and-true tips to protect your home and small business security and privacy: Mind your own business – tips for today’s best privacy and small business security.

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4. Mobility

We’re definitely a culture that is on the go; not just in the way we work, but in the way we interact and connect with one another. Keeping up on the latest mobile trends can help you be prepared for what the World Economic Forum considers “one of the biggest drivers of transformation” in the workplace today, and the way Cloud Computing is informing this revolution.

Working your way through the Cloud helps sheds light on the Cloud and how it can help you and your business. And learn how Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology Multifunction Printers deliver the benefits of cloud computing into your office processes.

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5. Standing out from the crowd

There’s a lot of noise out there in marketing land, and for a small or medium-sized business, it can be easy to feel a bit drowned out. But surprisingly, it’s the independently-operated, less-than-large entrepreneurial businesses that can ultimately differentiate themselves in the market. Nimble, less apt to be root-bound and generally more open to taking advantage of what’s new, smaller businesses can easily pivot and change to adapt: When the time is right to make a change (and 6 ways to do it).

Find out how to make a name for yourself in Key strategies for success in business – and life to keep yourself growing. Standing out can also be as simple as bringing more color into your life and your collateral. Choose Xerox® Color Printers to make great first impression and handle all your daily office needs, too.

Visit our small business tips for other tips on how best to be prepared for small business challenges in 2019.

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1 To qualify for free lifetime service, customers who order by device must simply use the service for a minimum of thirty days and order at least two supplies items for each eligible Xerox device. Customers who order by model must also install at least two supplies items for each eligible Xerox device. Xerox will provide free extended service coverage over the normal supported life of that Xerox product as long as supply orders are continuously placed through the Xerox eConcierge® service. The average cost of extended service coverage for four years when purchased separately is $1,280. Prices vary by model. The coverage will be either quick exchange or onsite depending on what was provided when the device originally shipped. Xerox reserves the right to discontinue the service for a specific model at any time. Click here for more information.