Key strategies for success in business – and life

Daily tasks and to-do lists can be great for meeting your immediate goals, but when was the last time you thought about the bigger picture? Finding the keys to success in business or personal areas rely upon a sound foundation, so take the steps to put your plan in place now.

Visualize where you want to be in 5 years

So you want to go from your small home office to a real brick and mortar store front, or maybe you want to dive into your own start up or set your sights on that big promotion at work. Dreaming about it won’t make it happen; a realistic roadmap will get you on your way.

Start by applying an assessment checklist that can help you define what you want and what you’ll need to do to achieve it:

  1. Ask yourself fundamental questions like what you want to be doing or what you want your life to look like in five years.
  2. Review your current situation – what works and what doesn’t?
  3. What are your current strengths and areas to improve upon? What would be required to enhance those areas?
  4. Include research into fields where training, education or investment of some kind would help you achieve your plans.
  5. If the end goal seems too daunting, break it down into smaller steps that are achievable.

Keys to success in business and beyond


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Be focused, disciplined and passionate about yourself and what you offer – Have you ever done business or worked with someone who lacked belief in what they were offering or representing? A lack of focus, interest or attention by yourself or employees to what it is that you stand for can send a red flag to customers, investors and contacts.

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Understand your customers or audience – Don’t just assume that you know what your customers (or associates, or manager) want, but find out and revise your outputs accordingly if necessary. 

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Produce quality work/products and be customer-focused (or boss-focused) – You can never stand out too much when it comes to having a superior product or service, or when looking to advance in your career. Always be ahead of what is expected and put in the extra effort so that everyone remembers your product or your performance. Xerox® Color Desktop Printers are easy to use and produce high quality color images that will put the spotlight on you and your work. 

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Be innovative and choose the best and most advanced technologies – To stay ahead of the competition stay ahead of the technology curve. Use the latest tools to help you enhance your business or personal performance. Time-saving, productivity-enhancing devices such as Xerox ® ConnectKey® Technology enabled printers save time and let you focus on growth. ConnectKey apps simplify your life by letting you do most anything whenever you need to, wherever you are.


How to promote yourself or your business

Regardless of the kind of improvement you’re seeking, it’s important to create an effective marketing strategy that promotes your unique identity and sets you apart from others. There are a number of marketing tools that can help – old school networking, social media networking and classic marketing just to name a few.


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Networking in person – we must be kidding, right? Not so, in fact, meeting people face-to-face is still the preferred way to make an impression according to some marketers. Social networking, or relying upon internet-based social media programs to make connections certainly reaches more potential customers but is best utilized with a human touch. 

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Make a name for yourself with SEO
The best of both worlds combine the outreach of social media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with classic marketing (creating collateral, ads, promotions and email campaigns, etc.). You can also attract customers with content and create direct interaction with social media (answer questions, repost content, develop relationships) as a way of nurturing relationships and growing a customer base.


Decide what it is you want, create a plan and follow it through. You’ll find yourself ahead of the game or ahead of the pack in no time at all.

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