Building better relationships at work – for better business.

Doing a good job while supporting others. Being reliable and making an effort to earn people’s trust. Being a team player. While it might seem obvious, it’s really the key to better business and a better way of going about your day. Read on to see how nurturing relationships with co-workers and customers creates winning ways that keep on giving.

How to build better work relationships

Establishing good rapport with your colleagues, employees or boss, and customers is not only a more enjoyable way to work, it promotes a positive “can do” vibe that supports productivity, solves problems and builds trust. Here’s where to start:

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Build alliances – take the time to build positive work relationships throughout your organization. Focus on solutions, not just identifying problems, assume the best in others, and treat others as you would like to be treated.

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Use the right tools – help yourself and your team do their best work with the best technology, training and resources. Quality work requires top-notch tools and innovation, and studies show using color in marketing materials increases the impact of your messaging. Xerox® Color Printers make a splash and meet all your daily office needs, too.

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Keep commitments – do your very best to make the deadlines you agree upon and respect the work of others by keeping your word. Use our free daily planners to stay on track.

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Share credit and help promote others – it really does take a village to do good work; take time to thank coworkers, employees or your boss for their efforts and help. 

Tips for rock-solid connections:

  • Build your network – think about the number of people you come in contact with daily: work colleagues, professional contacts, clients and prospects, and those suppliers and vendors that support your business. Now add in networks, friends and family and people you meet every day in your community. Everyone is a potential connection – and relationship. Create a strong circle not only for your business transactions, but for your own growth, it will pay off in more ways than one.
  • Be in regular contact – you can’t have solid relationships without a steady diet of contact. That means emails, phone calls, and regular events where you can catch up and check in. This can include sending them business flyers, greeting cards or even printable recognition certificates and banners.
  • Build the relationship – get to know the people around you (whether they are your customers, your boss, co-workers or support staff) and what matters to them including the small details; make them feel seen, heard and valued. It’s a fact that people want to do business with people they know and trust.
  • Be there when they need you – saying your Customer Service is great is one thing, but when it’s after hours and the delivery is late, are you there for them? With Xerox® ConnectKey® printers, processes can be created around digitized client data that is safely stored in the Cloud and accessible at a moment’s notice: order histories, invoices or payment info is at your fingertips so you can deliver when they need it most.
  • Show you care by being careful – when it comes to your clients’ data, it’s as good as gold. Follow industry security protocols and take precautions to protect your customer and employee data. ConnectKey® Technology provides benchmark security to protect vital data – and your reputation.

Taking the time to show you care about the big picture assures coworkers, managers and clients that you can be counted on to come through, and that your trust is worth keeping.

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