Get organized, get productive – Practical ways to gain greater productivity

A recent McKinsey report states that today’s workers spend 61% of their time managing work instead of doing it. How can you organize yourself to operate with greater ease and efficiency?


Organization is a state of mind

Don’t be fooled.  Organizing isn’t just about appearances – it’s about functionality. Today’s clutter can mean more than a messy desk – even “time-saving” tools can slow you down if you’re not focused. Take a look at the following organizing insights into better work habits and examples of businesses that have learned how to structure information and processes to free up time and get more done.


How much is not being organized costing you?

21st century work habits can defy tidy description. After all, our work can take us anywhere, and vice versa, with an ever-increasing workload that goes where you go. Never before has organization of our work been more paramount – and we’re not just talking file drawers and business cards.

Bottom line: Disorganization can cost your business money in terms of lost leads, opportunities, and time and energy.


Good organization is about functionality

The best approach to organizing your business for better work habits and results is to forget almost everything you traditionally associate with cleaning house. That is, forego appearances: keep papers out where you need them; use white boards, bulletin boards or chalk boards to keep relevant data visible; and position office tools like computers and printers in easy-to-access open spaces.

Bottom line: identify what you need to get down to work and put it within arm’s reach.

Help yourself and employees focus on the task at hand

VersaLink B405 photo

There was a time when the term “multitasker” was an impressive work trait. We now know that multitasking “wastes time and leads to distraction, errors, and memory lapses.” Furthermore, while some people are better than others at doing mental double-duty, most attempts result in a loss of efficiency.1 

Bottom line: this is where technology steps in. The Xerox® VersaLink® B400 Printer and Xerox® VersaLink® B405 Multifunction Printer automate steps by scanning and saving documents directly to the cloud, eliminating repetition and reducing errors. Pair them with Xerox® Mobile Link and you can print directly from your mobile device. 

Take a cue for better work habits from these well-organized businesses

Organizing for better business requires that we simplify the way we work together. Businesses that embrace collaborative technology and tools achieve the greatest improvement to workflow and success.

In the field of healthcare, providers that adopt new technologies see improved patient care quality, more cost-effective care and greater operational efficiency.  Video conferencing, for example, brings caregivers together to view and share patient data immediately when time is of the essence, and healthcare data encryption secures patient file sharing. Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps enable faster access to information and patient records by offering a number of app options for scanning documents directly to popular cloud services and email (including Evernote, SharePoint Online, Dropbox,, and Office 365).

Financial services can also benefit from collaboration tools, especially digitizing document-intensive processes. Taking advantage of automation solutions offered by Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology for loan processing replaces the slow, manual, paper-burdened method and provides greater oversight, security and customer satisfaction.

Or for businesses that work with customers or vendors who speak other languages, Xerox® Easy Translator Service offers confidential translation in over 45 languages and is ideal for any number of forms, applications and customer communications.


Xerox ConnectKey holds the key to organizing – you can count on it

What is Connectkey?


Bottom line: better organizing and smart collaboration can accelerate creative development, innovation, and nurture avenues for profit. Make the effort and see your competitive advantage grow.

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1American Psychological Association, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 2001, 2017.