Solution Provider Session

Predicting the Future of Cybersecurity in a Privacy-Focused Era

Understanding current cybersecurity issues is simple based on the threat landscape, but organizations need a vision and strategy for the future. Join our panel discussion on the future of cybersecurity; how to prepare for it; Internet of Things threats/opportunities; and how to protect people, data and devices from threats and ensure privacy.

Date: Monday, October 2

Time: 3:15 – 4:00 p.m.

Location: Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, Asia 2 Room

Featured speakers

Dr. Alissa Johnson

Dr. Alissa Johnson
Chief Information Security Officer

Dr. Alissa Johnson is responsible for protecting the information assets of an $11 billion technology leader. Prior to Xerox, Dr. Johnson served as the first chief information security officer at Stryker Corporation and served as deputy chief information officer of the White House for three years.

Sergio Caltagirone

Sergio Caltagirone
Director of Threat Intelligence and Analytics

Sergio Caltagirone hunts evil. He spends his days tracking hackers and his evenings chasing human traffickers. In nine years with the U.S. Government and three years at Microsoft, Sergio has hunted the most sophisticated targeted threats in the world.

Candace Worley

Candace Worley
Chief Technical Strategist

Candace Worley manages a worldwide team of Technical Strategists responsible for driving thought leadership and advancing technical innovation in McAfee security solutions. Worley has held a number of technology leadership positions at McAfee, including five and a half years as the SVP and General Manager of the Enterprise Endpoint Security business.

Scott Klososky

Scott Klososky
Technology Speaker, Author, Consultant and Founder of Future Point of View

Scott Klososky is renowned globally for his ability to recognize and capitalize on future trends regarding the ways technology is shaping business and our world. He has devoted much of his career to helping organizations protect their digital assets. He has spoken in front of the FBI’s Cyber Warfare Conference and the Federal Government for Financial Accountants.