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Most businesses don't think document security matters. However, the need for secure print solutions and services is heightened given the fact that 61% of organisations reported at least a single print-related data breach in the past year1. The consequences of these can be as expensive2 as they are embarrassing.

So here’s a quick guide to some common document security threats – and what you can do about them.

1 Managed Print Services Landscape, 2017, Quocirca, 2017

2 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report

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Threat #1

Documents lying in printer trays.

Why it’s bad:

Anyone can steal sensitive data.

What to do:

Switch to ‘secure printing’.

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Threat #2

Sensitive data being sent to the printer.

Why it’s bad:

Hackers can steal that data as it travels there.

What to do:

Add automatic file encryption.

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Threat #3

Sensitive data stored on MFP hard drives.

Why it’s bad:

Your printers become targets for hackers.

What to do:

Automatically overwrite your hard drives.

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Threat #4

Scanning to unauthorized, personal cloud apps.

Why it’s bad:

You can’t govern the flow of confidential data.

What to do:

Simplify cloud-to-device workflows for authorized apps.

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Threat #5

Unsecured filing cabinets.

Why it’s bad:

Hard copies of sensitive data are easily stolen, lost or destroyed.

What to do:

Digitize and password-protect your legacy documents.

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Threat #6

Unmonitored access to printers.

Why it’s bad:

You can’t see when or how your devices were used.

What to do:

Set up your MFP to log data and restrict who uses it.

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Threat #7

Unrestricted access to scanned documents.

Why it’s bad:

Sensitive data could make it into the wrong hands.

What to do:

Password-protect scanned PDFs.

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Document security often sounds like the kind of thing that’s too hard to fix. But there are actually a number of straightforward, practical ways to get it right. So we hope you use the tips we’ve shared here to secure your company’s information.

This is too important to get wrong.

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