• Xerox Guide and Checklist for Comprehensive Security


Are your devices, documents and data safe?

Actionable advice for comprehensive endpoint security.

A comprehensive endpoint security guide and checklist for a secure workplace

Discover how to protect your business in the era of intelligent work.

Devices, documents and data are the life force of every business and central to how work gets done. But they also put organizations at considerable risk. A breach of any type can be devastating.

How confident are you that your devices and content are secure enough for an increasingly mobile and connected workforce? Can you prove compliance beyond a shadow of a doubt? What should you be doing that you haven’t thought of?

There will be 20.4 Billion IoT devices by 2020,* and companies will invest $15 Trillion in IoT by 2025.** (Source: *Gartner, **vXchnge)

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This comprehensive endpoint security guide and checklist will help you uncover:

  • What procedures and policies need to be in place to protect your organization and ensure your IT infrastructure is as secure as possible
  • Why compliance is critical
  • Which best practices to follow for choosing a services partner to support your endpoint security strategy
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