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As guardians of our brand, Xerox marketing professionals show the world that we’re forward-thinking and customer-focused. Join the innovative process with a Xerox marketing job.


Global Business & Strategic Marketing, Service Strategy Manager

On what he does: I develop and implement our office service strategy. What does this mean? We’re making our products more intuitive, so customers need minimal support and can be self-sufficient. I develop the strategies that help make that happen. I also work with office service personnel to lower total service times and costs. 

On his team: We’re a really tight group that’s divided into many areas. Some focus on pre-launch reliability, some work on post-sale support, and others gather global service data and conduct modeling analysis. We’re always interacting with different organizations within Xerox – from sales and marketing, to product and parts. We’re truly cross-functional. 

On reaching business goals: Xerox is big on innovation. One way to get there is to develop reliable products that are easy for customers to maintain. If there’s an issue, our goal is for our customers to not need to call service. The solution should be easy and intuitive, or one that we can solve remotely. All of this will minimize product downtime and costs, and ultimately headaches for our customers. 

On the best part of his job: The best part of my job is working with such a diverse group from around the world. I’m learning and seeing so much. For instance, I’ve learned that in the Japanese market, customers are more willing to work on steps to solve a problem. However, in other markets, the customers don’t want to do that work. They want things done for them. It’s amazing how much our customer’s culture affects how we service a machine. That’s just one thing that makes Xerox so interesting. 

On why he stayed: I don’t like standing still. I love the diversity and dedication to innovation and creativity at Xerox. I did co-ops at other companies prior to Xerox. The other companies tended to narrow your focus and drive you in a direction. I’ve never seen that at Xerox. They give everyone the options and freedom to fail or succeed. 

On what he’s most proud of: Personally, it would have to be getting my degree, because I was doing that full-time and working full-time. And it was the beginning of my growth and success here. It also showed me how much Xerox was willing to work with their professionals. Professionally, I’m proud of putting out quality products and seeing people use them. 

On why you should join Xerox: This is a company that strives for innovation and creativity. We look for it in our people and we try to nurture it. Because of this, there’s the potential for continuous growth. If you want to build a career path, you’ll have the freedom to do it. Xerox will help guide you towards success. 


Global Business & Strategic Marketing, Competitive Marketing

On his role: I’m responsible for color competitive marketing. What does that mean? I’m directly involved in the direction of our business. I research our competition and their products to understand what’s good and bad about them. Then, I create marketing plans so our sales team knows how to position our products. I work closely with engineers and give feedback to future product development. 

On his team: This is a very impressive group. My team is responsible for competitive and product marketing. The team’s highly skilled and highly collaborative. We all approach projects with the idea that we can take chances and pursue new ideas. That brings some pretty exciting ideas to the table. 

On joining Xerox: Over ten years ago, I saw that Xerox was moving to digital printing. Actually, they were doing quite well in it. Xerox was bringing in good people, and I wanted to be a part of what they were doing. My background in offset printing helped me bring a different perspective to digital printing. Every day, I see that I’m definitely affecting the future of Xerox. I can provide input for future products and their direction. 

On his future with Xerox: For starters, I always look one year out. I see how the company is positioning itself in digital color, and right now I’m in a pretty good place. I’m also getting my Doctorate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology; this will help me eventually work with a wider group and help other Xerox employees grow and develop. No matter what, I’ll keep Xerox on the cutting edge. 

On the best part of his job: I love interacting with people. And that’s what I do every day. I have a technical background, so I can understand engineers. With my background in printing, I’m also able to talk directly with customers as well. I have an understanding of their business and how we can help drive revenue. This brings unique feedback and insights to the team and into our products. 

On why you should join Xerox: There’s huge opportunity within the company. We have the right leadership in place, and as an employee, you have the opportunity to learn and grow. Actually, you can do what you want with your career at Xerox.