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Information Technology

The backbone of any company is its technology. With our focus on communication and customer service, our Information Technology professionals keep our global organization up and running.


Information Management, Operations Manager

On her role at Xerox: My team supports the IT needs of Xerox offices in countries in Central and South America. We work with the IT organizations in each country to manage business apps, telecommunications and workstations. Recently my team was part of a major acquisition. Actually, bringing in another company was fun. We were able to influence the infrastructure of the company. That’s because IT touches every area of the business. 

On her team: Since I work mostly in South and Central America, my team is very diverse. We have everyone from business systems analysts and architects, to project program managers and strategists. What’s great is that everyone’s working towards a common goal. We all want what’s best for our customer. 

On why she’s at Xerox: If you want IT, this is the place. The company has helped me do so many things. They helped pay for my MBA, they’ve believed in me and they’ve worked around my schedule and my life. With 30 years in IT, I’ve seen it all. But I’ve really enjoyed my time with Xerox. I’m able to contribute. I couldn’t imagine having these opportunities somewhere else. 

Biggest benefit: To me, the biggest benefit is the opportunity to grow. Because we’re such a large company, there are so many opportunities to grow and to do new things. You’ll never be bored here. And the flexibility is nice as well. Earlier in my career, I went to a 4-day work week to be with my family more. And if I needed to change my schedule again, Xerox would help me find a way to make it happen. 

Why Xerox?: If you have a high energy level and are ready to contribute, Xerox is for you. In fact, I’ve been here for 30 years and I’m still finding interesting projects and interesting things to work on. This is a great company with a solid past and an exciting future.


Information Management, Business Analysis, Manger 

On his role: Right now, I’m implementing a system that allows Xerox to analyze financial information in a new way. We’re using a mix of technology and financial tools to create a transparent financial system to help leadership make better, smarter and faster financial decisions. I set the scope of projects that put powerful information in the hands of powerful people. 

On his team: We’re a small core of Xerox people who help the business and technology community bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be. This is a global team that incorporates a diverse mix of professionals from many backgrounds. 

On why he stayed at Xerox: I started at Xerox as an intern about eight years ago. Since then I’ve done a lot of growing and learning – including getting an MBA. Everyone here has been very responsive to my desire to advance my career. We all have a tremendous opportunity to grow – actually, I think of it as a responsibility. Xerox is a global company, and I’ll retire before I run out of places to take my career. 

On his biggest benefit: The skills that I’ve learned on my job are unmatched. Yes, Xerox helped me earn an MBA. But the things I learn every day from my co-workers and by doing my job, I couldn’t get those anywhere else. I recently began applying some of the financial tools that I’ve learned at Xerox at some non-profit organizations in the area. I’m implementing Fortune 500-level financial tools to help them achieve their goals, and at the same time I’m achieving mine. 

On what’s next: I’m looking to do two things. First, I want to manage projects in the services area. This is a growing area of the business, and I think my skills are a good fit there. Second, I want to work in a specialty area where I can influence the company’s profitability. I’ve spent enough time helping make the company more efficient. Now, it’s time to help make it more profitable. 

On why you should join: You can make a difference here. If you have somewhere you want to take your career, or some big dreams, start here. Because when you join Xerox, you aren’t just joining a company. You’re part of a team of great people doing great work. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that? 


Information Management, Order Fulfillment Program Manager

On what she does: I’m in charge of sales operations for USSG. Our team supports salespeople who sell every Xerox product and service – ranging from small printers to our largest printing systems, and spanning from very simple customer engagements to our most complex outsourcing arrangements. We make sure salespeople have the support, training and resources they need to be successful. 

On her team: My team is updating the supply chain inventory system. The new software needs to speak to many different systems. I coordinate the activities of a team that includes Xerox professionals, contractors, consultants and on-shore and off-shore development teams. It’s a big job. Every department that touches the supply chain is involved in the process. And they’ll all be satisfied by the results. 

On the best part of job: The best part is definitely the cooperative nature of my team. Working with all of these different groups, the dedication, support and collaboration are just outstanding. We work so well together. It’s very difficult to see where one group ends and where another one starts. Knowing that I have this well-trained and cooperative team – it’s amazing. The lines are completely blurred. 

On why she chose Xerox: I was working for a small benefits administrator and had climbed as high as I could. Looking down the road, I didn’t see more opportunities there. I saw that Xerox would give me opportunities to grow and learn. Here, I can do that every day. Whatever job I take, I’ll be in process improvement – that’s my passion. And Xerox has continuous opportunities for me. 

On her future at Xerox: I don’t know what my future holds, but I do know that I have a lot of opportunity within this company. Some people have a very clear roadmap, and they know the ultimate job that they want. I’m more focused on having the opportunity to learn and stay interested. Maybe I’ll go into the product world, or maybe marketing. My career roadmap isn’t a straight line at Xerox. It’ll wind a bit. And it’s working fine for me. 

On what she’s most proud of: I’m very focused on process, and I can explain it to anyone. Now, when I get a call from someone that I worked with three, five, even seven years ago and they’re asking me about process-related information, I know that I made process not so scary. And that’s a good thing. I’m proud of that. 

On why you should choose Xerox: I’ve had a variety of people ask me what they should do. What I suggest is to think about the things that make them want to come to work every day. Seek out an opportunity that allows you to achieve things that you want to do. I found exactly that at Xerox, and so have 50,000 other people.