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As a company known for saving clients money through our services, we take Xerox corporate finances very seriously. Our decisions ensure Xerox is a healthy, solid company that values its customers, employees and investors.


Rochester, New York, USA, Finance, General Ledger Accountant

On her business group:

My area makes sure the general ledger detail is posted and accurately reflects what users enter. The general ledger is updated with any changes that are requested, such as description changes or new centers needed. We verify on a monthly basis that our financial results are accurate and we work with the corporate office in the transition of this detail. We offer additional tools so that users can access their financial information. 

On her role:

There are many users that do not have an Oracle license because they don’t do enough activity within Oracle. They still have entries that need to be entered into the GL. I make sure that their entries get posted into Oracle, in a timely manner. I also prepare the Balance Sheet Causals during the close process. I work with various individuals that are responsible for various balance sheet accounts to explain any large variances that are needed for month end. I process GL maintenance changes that are requested through SharePoint, into Oracle. I create various reports that can pull the financial data that is needed. 

Other roles in her group:

Some of the people in my group are Accounting Manager, who is responsible for the entire group. The General Ledger Manager, who is responsible for Oracle as well as other tasks. General Ledger Supervisor, who also works within Oracle as well as other tasks. General Ledger Accountant, works in Oracle and does other tasks. Accounting Analyst, works on submissions and projects our group is involved in. 

On her team:

The team is a group of people that work well together. There is a lot of work that is done as a group. 

Best part of the job:

My favorite part of the job is the fact that I get to work closely with Oracle. I have many years of experience using Oracle. Now I get to learn a few more things and I can use my knowledge to see if there may be additional things in Oracle that we may want to implement. 

Why she joined Xerox:

I came to Xerox because it was a large company that was using Oracle General Ledger, which I had extensive knowledge of. 

On her future at Xerox:

I am excited about being here and I think that I have a long future here. I am in the process of getting my CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and I see that Xerox places a high value on that. I think this will only help me in my future here. 


Wilsonville, Oregon, USA, General Ledger Accountant

On her business group:

Our group makes sure accounting for services, inventories, and supplies are properly accounted for in the correct time periods. 

On her role:

I account for software and equipment royalties we owe to vendors, as well as items that Xerox owns but haven’t been actually received at a Xerox facility yet. 

How her group contributes to Xerox’s overall business goals of sustainability and innovation:

We do make sure to recycle all paper items that are no longer of use to us. We are constantly looking for techniques to streamline our work, via Excel and Access tricks of the trade. 

On her team:

Overall, we are a heads-down get-it-done group. We all get along very well. We do take interest in each other’s lives and share our life experiences on occasion. 

Best part of the job:

I am inspired by my peers and managers. I like that I work with intelligent people who care to share information and teach. 

Why she joined Xerox:

I came to work at Xerox because of the reputation for work-life balance, and because I knew I would be working with and for top-notch professionals in my field. 

Biggest benefit Xerox offers:

I have worked at other large corporations as well as very small offices, and I prefer the larger company settings. I like interacting with many people throughout my day. 

Proudest career achievement:

In the six months that I have been at Xerox, I have learned so much about accounting for royalties. Early on, this job was determined to have a long learning curve; however, I am taking on the information at a much quicker pace.