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Document Management

Through solutions like managed print services and document and data management, Xerox document management professionals consistently save clients as much as 30% on their total document costs. Learn more about document management jobs.


UK Programme Manager and Group Lead, Transition Project Management, Large Enterprise Operations

On her business group: The Large Enterprise Operations (LEO) provides technology-based services to a wide range of customers. A typical Managed Print Service will help customers review the document management solutions in their business to gain control of assets and drive efficiencies with potential cost savings. 

On her role: As a Programme Manager I am responsible for the successful transition of a Xerox service which includes project set up, implementation and handover to the service delivery team. 

As Portfolio Manager for UK projects, I have a team of Transition Managers all of whom have their own projects. I provide support to them on their projects and an escalation route for issues that cannot be resolved at project level. 

On her team: The team I work in directly is extremely varied in terms of experience, personalities and working styles. Whilst we all have specific Project Management traits, our backgrounds provide us with different customer and project experiences and a vast array of knowledge we can call upon to apply to a specific situation. We work well together as a team and we use the differences in our knowledge and skill sets to our advantage. 

Best part of the job: I enjoy the variety of my job as running each project is different dependent on the customer industry and the type of service. Another favourite part of my job is the large number of people I get to meet which helps to build up a wide Xerox network. I learn from them and we work together as a team to deliver successful projects to our customers. 

Why she joined Xerox: My Xerox career started as an IP Student during University and after completing my degree I came back! I returned to Xerox as part of a Graduate Programme and this was because I wanted to continue working for a company that had provided me with the most valuable work experience and I was keen to work for a large company with lots of diversity and plenty of career path opportunities. Moreover, why wouldn’t I want to work for a company that I knew was full of dedicated, loyal and passionate people? 

Biggest benefit Xerox offers: A wide range of career path opportunities and the support and encouragement from management sponsors for personal development/career advancement. 

On her future at Xerox: Xerox is a company that is constantly changing to ensure we remain innovative and have the ability to provide our customers with services that solve business problems. Based on this my future in Xerox is exciting with lots of opportunity to develop my skill sets and work in a number of different roles. 


Regional Service Delivery Manager

On his business group: The Global Document Outsourcing (GDO) business within Xerox is responsible for the provision of outsourced managed services in the Document Management space. So for example, we run client printrooms, mailrooms as well as office printing environments, e.g. the printers and copiers that many people use in their day-to-day jobs in companies worldwide. The GDO business provides the resources (people), technology and expertise to deliver a better service to our clients. 

On his role: The role is about providing leadership and direction to GDO staff who work across over 100 customer contracts across a geographic area from South Yorkshire to the south coast of England. The people in my team are responsible for delivering the service that Xerox has contracted to deliver with each client. Each contract has specific needs and asks and each client relationship is unique in their own way. 

As well as providing leadership to the staff who manage and deliver each client account I am also a key member of the wider business management team with responsibility to ensure that we win additional business (new sales), retain our existing accounts and grow our existing accounts. I am ultimately responsible for the Profit and Loss (P&L) accounts of all the contracts within the region ($60 million annual revenues). 

My role supports the wider business objectives of growing our revenues each year, ensuring that our staff are developed in their roles to meet the future needs of the business as well as ensuring that we have the right level of relationship within our client accounts. I am often the Executive sponsor of client relationships and hold a number of senior reviews each year with our key accounts. 

Other jobs within his business unit: The jobs within the business unit range from operators working within client accounts delivering mail to staff and paper to devices through Printroom operators producing printed output, engineers servicing equipment to operations managers within each account who take ownership of the service that is being delivered, manage the local team, own the site P&L and are responsible to a Service Delivery Manager who will probably look after up to 5 or 6 accounts. Above the Service Delivery Manager is an Area Service Delivery Manager who will manage up to 6 or 7 Service Delivery Managers covering a business with a revenue of up to $15 million annually. 

On his team: My direct team is made up of a diverse group of people with a rich mixture of skills and experience from both within Xerox and also outside in the open market. There is a good mix of humour and serious business ethic which is needed to ensure balance and motivation. We tend to embrace technology and support a strong work/life balance by accepting the need to work flexibly and to fit in around personal commitments. 

Best part of his job: My favourite part of the job is working with the many customers I get to meet each week, solving their problems and dealing with the challenges that are thrown up by running a 24-hour business with hundreds of people all pulling together to ensure each month we deliver to our clients and to Xerox. I am inspired by some of our Senior leaders and also by some of my peers who run similar businesses. 

Why he joined Xerox: I landed a placement year job at Xerox as part of my degree. At the time I was in my 2nd year of University and didn’t really know what I wanted to do apart from I fancied the idea of Business Management! I thoroughly enjoyed my placement year and was fortunate to be sponsored by Xerox through my final year to come back to a role upon graduation. 

Following graduation I returned and was pretty much immediately given an opportunity to move to and work in Holland for 2 years. I jumped at this and this then kick started a number of years of great opportunity and experience that took me to many places around the world including the US, Ireland and also Eastern Europe. 

Biggest benefit Xerox offers: The chance to move about the organization and gain experience in many diverse areas whilst still ultimately working for the same organization. 

His future at Xerox: Like many companies there is a huge amount of change as Xerox adapts to the challenges of the global economy but this is also creating opportunity as the business enters new markets. There is no doubt the environment is frustrating at times, but equally presents good opportunity if you keep your network well managed and adapt to the changes. 

Proudest career achievement: Getting through my Management Excellence Programme and becoming a Level 3 Manager within Xerox at the age of only 27 was a real highlight for me. Xerox supported me in getting to this level through providing me with a role that introduced me to people management, financial ownership and client relationship ownership at a young age. This has helped me to grow within the business as I have set out on the next phase of my development within the company.


UK Project Manager, Transition Project Management, Large Enterprise Operations

On his business group: I work within the Transition and Transformation team in Xerox’s services organization. The T&T team is responsible for the onboarding of Xerox Services to new and existing clients. Xerox service offerings include managed print services (MPS), marketing services, IT outsourcing and business process management. 

On his role: My current transition role supports a global bank in implementing an Equitrac/MPS solution and Print Centre services across the EMEA region. The main focus of this project was supporting the organisation’s relocation from multiple sites in London into a new, 31-floor, 8,000-person-capacity building in Canary Wharf. The role entails responsibility for planning the ordering and deployment of equipment, resource planning, service creation, service design and contracting support. It’s very much a client-facing role. There is a multitude of skills and knowledge required to support the client and service delivery teams as Xerox services are implemented and existing operational processes amended. 

Best part of his job: Working within Xerox offers lots of development and learning experiences. A recent university graduate has the opportunity to develop experience, skills and forge a career within a large organisation. This helps to give you motivation to work hard and progress in your role. This also provides opportunity to try different career paths and move into bigger roles with more responsibility. For instance my current role I have progressed in a year on the same client account, from supporting a UK service transition to managing and implementing services across the client’s European locations. 

Why he joined Xerox: As part of my business studies university degree I had an industrial placement year. This allowed me to take a year out to work in a company to gain experience and have a greater understanding of the corporate world while finishing my degree. The opportunity to complete my placement year at a multinational organisation was a key reason for my application to work at Xerox. On completion of my university degree, Xerox then contacted me with a number of opportunities to work in their services organisation, which interested me as a good opportunity to start my career. 

Proudest career achievement: My greatest achievement to date has been the opportunity to work in a European-wide role, having developed from a smaller UK-based supporting role. The opportunity to experience the different working cultures and observe a different way of working has been an enjoyable and eye-opening experience. Despite being relatively inexperienced compared to many colleagues, Xerox has put faith and trust in me to allow me work in this role with a high-profile client.