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Business Support

From Xerox Human Resources and Legal Counsel to Leasing, Procurement and more, key supportive roles help Xerox Corporation run smoothly.


Rochester, New York, USA, Office of General Counsel 

On his business group: We are lawyers who counsel the sales force on the legal ins and outs of contracts. 

On his role: I counsel clients and negotiate contracts with customers. 

On his team: Very smart, hardworking, extremely diverse with folks from all races and ethnicities and sexual backgrounds. 

Best part of the job: The autonomy, and sealing deals, inspires me. 

Why he joined Xerox: It was a wonderful opportunity to work in a corporation. 

Biggest benefit Xerox offers: Flexibility. 

Proudest career achievement: Assisting Xerox in closing billions of dollars of revenue. 


Rosemont, Illinois, USA, USCBO, Managed Services COE responsible for Managed Services Billing and Inquiry, Strategic Program Leader

On her role: My role as Strategic Program Leader supports the operation in managing and implementing project initiatives to develop or enhance new and existing processes, ensure compliance and drive efficiencies. 

Other roles in her group: The primary role in our COE is Billing. Our billers support specific regions by assignment and develop a great deal of expertise on their clients. They utilize a number of different systems, billing platforms and skill sets to ensure the billing aligns to the contracts. Billed revenue consists of 3 primary components – minimum or base charges, meter usage and variable charges. Another key role is Inquiry. Inquiry reps are the Customer service support group – taking inquiries primarily from internal groups - sales, field and collections partners to answer customer questions and resolve billing discrepancies. Operational support roles include Program Managers, Compliance and Analytics teams. Management roles run the full spectrum from Front Line Mangers, Operations Managers, Support Leaders to COE Leader.

On her team: My team is a diverse group of managers – some with long term Xerox careers and operational backgrounds in Base Business who were new to Managed Services. Others like me came to Xerox as part of a joint venture with a client. Prior to moving into Operations, my previous background and degree was in Finance. I find this very useful in analyzing processes and results. Nothing is constant in Services….therefore our work style can be both casual and intense - depending on the situation or business need we are faced with. 

Best part of her job: We are constantly evolving and I love the challenge and variety. I have been in this business group for 7 years and I can honestly say that not a day goes by where I am not learning something new. I also love having the opportunity to be creative and try new things. 

Biggest benefit Xerox offers: I am never bored; I’m constantly learning and always ready for the next challenge. I am also grateful to have a supportive manager who encourages innovation and creativity and a great group of people to work with. 

On her future at Xerox: My future is bright and encouraging as my business unit continues to change and grow with ever-increasing responsibilities. Change and growth always bring new opportunities. 

Proudest career achievement: I started my career with Xerox as a Program Manager in an environment that was 100% manual – with limited visibility to the amount or status of the work being done. The Billing Quality Adjustment metric for this group was $35 million dollars per year. One of my first assignments was to engage in a Quality project to introduce a workflow system and realignment of the entire operation. I later worked with our Finance teams to develop and implement an ABC model to monitor our volumes, complexity and resources. Those tools we developed are still in place today and are being adopted by other billing teams we have acquired over time. Today I lead a team of Program Managers who continue to enhance and improve upon the same infrastructure and tools we developed in my first project. 


London, UK, HR Consultant 

On his business group: I work in Group Resources, which is responsible for developing and implementing the strategy for Xerox’s people, ensuring that this is aligned with what the business is striving to achieve. We are also responsible for all of the operational elements of the employment cycle, from Organisation Design through to an employee leaving the business for any reason. 

On his role: I work as an HR Consultant within the Human Resources Operations team. My role is to act as a partner to various business areas, integrating the people strategy and dealing with any operational people issues that arise. 

On his team: Specifically in the HR Operations team, the group is diverse with a vast amount of HR and business experience. Working so closely with the business means that we all maintain a sharp focus on understanding our business areas and we often have to negotiate and influence with senior figures within the business. This means that we have an opinion on most topics and are not afraid to share it! 

Best part of the job: Working within the HR Ops team means that you form a unique relationship with the business; needing to play different roles at different times depending on the circumstances. Often, we have to provide feedback that people do not want to hear – whether it’s providing a sense of reality, challenging perceptions or supporting the delivery of difficult messages. It’s this bond with the business unit and influence over the culture of the business area that I particularly enjoy. 

Why he joined Xerox: I joined Xerox for the opportunity to work in a European role. I was quite aware of the brand from pop culture and was surprised to find out how innovative the company had been over the years. 

Biggest benefit Xerox offers: I’m currently working through my management development; it’s the most robust management scheme I have seen and the biggest opportunity I will have in my career to receive constructive personal and professional development feedback. 

On his future at Xerox: My immediate future I hope will consist of completing my management development and securing a permanent management position. One of the great benefits of working at Xerox is that beyond this, the future remains open and flexible – if I perform well and demonstrate a desire to continuously learn, I believe there will be unexpected opportunities to take my career in directions I have not yet identified.