Stubborn Image

In Praise of Stubbornness

Here’s the thing about ideas: they don’t do anything. The greatest brainwave you ever have won’t change a thing if it stays in your brain.

That’s the truth at the heart of our latest slideshare. It’s a celebration of the people who turn Eureka moment into world-changing realities.

Specifically, it’s our homage to the trait they have in common: unshakeable stubbornness. Unflappable, inexhaustible, at-times-infuriating doggedness that stops at nothing short of seeing an idea come to life.

The glorious tenacity of Marc Koska and Chester Carlson (read about their claims to stubborn fame in the slideshare) and everyone else who imagines a better way and – here’s the rub – makes it work.

Here’s to the stubborn.