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CareAR's real-time visual solution makes support easy

CareAR provides remote technical support through augmented reality, enabling service teams to instantly solve problems for customers, employees, and field workers. It extends AR solutions to partners and customers, ensuring expansive expertise, anywhere. Service IT Direct utilizes CareAR to support its customers, who can benefit from a new AR product: Smart Handz.

The News: Service IT Direct’s new Smart Handz solution provides real-time visual augmented reality assistance, guidance, and compliance for on-site customers and field workers. It’s the best of both worlds—virtual support by an expert who can see what customers see.

Why it Matters: The service support industry is overdue for a change: Service delays create frustration when remote agents or field technicians have skills gaps, lack necessary tools, or encounter unforeseen situations in order to resolve issues on a timely basis.

The Impact: Smart Handz can save customers up to 85% of their current support costs.

How it works: Customers no longer must rely on their local support agent—they now have access to a national network of agents best suited to address their needs. Remote experts can virtually assess the situation and visually guide customers and engineers intuitively using a suite of augmented reality tools via desktop, mobile, or smart glass devices, as if they were there in person.

Smart Handz end-to-end integration allows customers to instantly capture content of images during the service session. The content is automatically saved in the Smart Handz secure cloud, enhancing knowledge transfer and ensure proof of work completion or compliance.

In Context: The desire for real-time, virtual customer support is gaining support. Covid-19 has shifted people’s mentality about in-person appointments and increased the use of virtual demonstrations for preventative health reasons. And fierce storms have shown the potential to disrupt power grids and transportation routes across the country. These challenges have increasingly shown a need for virtual support when local agents can’t travel safely to area locations to make a repair.

Final thought: CareAR is an augmented reality visual support platform for the modern service management enabled enterprise. We make expertise accessible, instantly for customers, employees, and field workers through visual AR interactions, instructions, and insights as part of an end-to-end service management digital workflow. As a result, CareAR uniquely augments intelligence to accelerate skills gap and knowledge transfer of service management teams while providing greater operational efficiencies, customer outcomes, and safety.

CareAR augmented reality support


Digitally transform enterprise service teams to remotely see and solve issues instantly.

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