• Making Personalization Pervasive

Making Personalization Pervasive

It’s no surprise that producing mass quantities of a communication brings the cost per unit down. But relevancy drops too. You end up with generic communications that are ignored. To help alleviate this issue, we’re making communications more relevant for every recipient, producing only the amounts needed, so the sender incurs lower costs while generating less waste. It’s mass communication translated into mass customization.

Innovation in Action

Xerox Ignite educator support system makes personalized classroom instruction practical.

Xerox Uses the Power of Data to Ignite Education

Expanding technology and innovation into our classrooms is key for our economic growth and prosperity for future generations. Teachers lack the support tools and technology for managing data and using data analytics to help personalize instruction in the classroom. Ignite, currently being piloted in K-6 grade classrooms, transforms hand-marked student work on paper today (and tablets tomorrow) into the digital domain, manages the data and provides real-time feedback that helps educators and parents understand what to do with the data to address individual student needs.

Medication Management

Medication works best if it is taken properly. Insurance companies estimate there is a $290 billion cost associated with people not adhering to their doctors’ orders. Xerox is working on a “smart” medication system to help patients more easily manage their daily pill regimen (including vitamins and over the counter meds), and help coordinate information between doctors, specialists, pharmacists and patients.
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